Verifitech India: A Technology-Driven Verifier Offering Real-Time Status Tracking

K Raju,Co-Founder, Director & CEO

K Raju, Co-Founder, Director & CEO

Being an indispensable facet of employee screening mechanism, background verification is slowly gaining acceptance as the mainstream in India while the Western nations are already revolutionizing this space. Even the aspect of outsourcing third-party background screening solely due to the end clients’ stern insistence or post encountering financial, legal, regulatory and reputation related repercussions from bad hiring is gradually fading away. Yet on the other side, majority of the resumes are being tweaked with a huge deal of fabricated details, impersonation, exaggeration, half-truths, misleading statements, and other fraudulent aspects. K Raju, Co-Founder, Director & CEO, Verifitech India, expresses, “A recent survey unveils that almost 32 percent of the resumes contain exaggeration or discrepancies”. In addition to these, most resumes belonged to candidates infamous for reprobate activities of hacking, cybercrime, harassment, misbehavior, illicit drug use, violation of serving notice period and others, besides lying about release on bail.

Clearly, the role of a third-party service provider in background screening is not merely about being a middleman and passing-on the information received with respect to the candidates to their respective employers; it also involves thorough analysis to validate the information received and ascertaining the facts to mitigate the risk associated with hiring. Further, it is more about tailor-making the background screening process in accordance with each company’s requirements as well as presenting them added values by meticulously analyzing and evaluating the complete records of each candidate. Pursuing this exact procedure and outclassing the companies that are just middlemen is Verifitech India, a professional background verification company with a brand name – portmanteau of the words ‘Verification’ and ‘technology’. “Since technology would play an instrumental role in ruling the prospective world, hawse decided to fuse the best in class technologies into all our background verification operations to offer seamless and real-time services,” asserts Raju.

Truly Travelling the Extra Mile
While composing detailed reports for each respondent, the firm travels an extra mile to ascertain the authenticity of their adverse remarks given by the previous employers. In fact, Verifitech India personally interacts with each respondent and tries to comprehend the underlying reasons for these remarks besides extracting critical information about them that might be missing on the feedback reports. Be it procuring sensitive data about students who owned a bad reputation or got debarred/suspended during their college days or recording the information in police charge sheets over a repository, the firm takes leaps ahead unlike the vanilla companies in the market.

"While composing detailed reports for each respondent, Verifitech India travels an extra mile to ascertain the authenticity of their adverse remarks given by the previous employers"

Raju states, “We firstly educate our clients that background verification is a mandatory process that helps in formulating better decisions to create a genuinely adept human capital. We adapt stringent procedures during background verification, while the candidates we hire never violate from the same and mend themselves if need be”. Understanding each client’s requirements, the firm also conquers their pain points predominantly by minimizing cost, Turnaround Time(TAT) and commercial overloads in hiring and background screening. Altogether, it endeavours to project background verification as the client’s unique selling proposition and not an extra burden.

Extended Efforts
During meetings like Corporate Relationships, Verifitech’s team educates its clients on the benefits of letting candidates fill forms before the background verification process, so that not only the candidates are serious enough with the process but also parents get confidence in the same. In fact, Verifitech India cares for its customers’ core services and lets them focus on the same, wherein it builds the best human capital for them. By and large, even startup companies can leverage Verifitech’s exclusive package for background verification to amass
strong & skilled human resources. “Startups need background verification service more as it is the most crucial time for them. A wrong hiring would mean business failure,” explains Raju. No wonder the firm has been procuring approximately 100+ clients each month, which accounts to its acquisition of 1000+ clients in a span of 10 years.

With employment background screening and cab driver verification as its forte, Verifitech India delivers a wide spectrum of services entailing credit verification, professional reference checks and education verification. In addition, the firm is also well versed in offering address & identity check, court database search, criminal record search, license checks, business status evaluation, bankruptcy check, housekeeping staff background screening, and many others.

An ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified organization, Verifitech India is compiled with Information Security Management System (ISMS), a framework of policies & procedures, including all legal, physical and technical controls with respect to information risk management processes. The firm is also affiliated as a member with many International Forums/Associations – NAPBS, ACFE & NHRD, and signed-up with online law legal database repositories including Global Regulatory Authorities Database, which help the company provide seamless and uncompromised background verification services.

Value-Added Offerings
Over the recent times, Verifitech India has come-up with value added services such as drug test & screening, online psychometric analysis to explore the hidden skills of the employees and employee satisfaction survey throughout the period of employment via tie-ups with counseling psychologists. Commenting on the value-added services, Raju narrates, “We extend our competencies to conduct third-party exit interviews (online) that inquire into the employees’ notorious activities across shop floor or operations side along with scam, harassment and many others”.

For instance, when one of its clients received multiple complaints from female employees regarding misbehavior in the office, Verifitech India came forward and suggested for drug test of the employees. Appallingly, it came to light that the employees who partook in harassment were periodically consuming drugs. On the other hand, several firms witnessed cases where employees were on bail and frequently availed leaves to attend the judiciary process, while in few other companies, many employees in blue-collar jobs impersonated their identities. Distinctly, Verifitech India was at the forefront to address and resolve all these issues of its clients with utmost excellence and endeavor to create safe working environments.

Platforms Par Versatility
A tech-savvy background verification company, Verifitech India has developed its own online platform – Verifitech Online Verification System (VOVS) and mobile application – Verifitech Investigation App (VIA), which helps keep the clients updated on real-time, anywhere, anytime. It is all set to release the version 2.0 of both online platform and app. Further, the entire operations at the firm are swiftly processed via an Online Ordering System and Automated Work Flow Management System. Applicants can, in fact, monitor the real-time status of their work orders any time on Verifitech India’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) functioning on cloud-based technology and also view and download the reports of their candidates or employees up to two years. Being complied with ISMS, the firm always ensures to transfer only encrypted digital reports to the clients stressing on extensive data protection while working on database source identifier and barcoding.

Journey from the Outset & a Culture of Uniqueness
At the times of worldwide recession in 2008, Raju, an eminent Credit Underwriter & Certified Fraud Examiner, was aspirant to setup his own venture from the scratch despite the closures of many brands in the market. Raju along with his supportive friends, advocates, retired police officers, auditors, CAs, and many others came together and firstly analyzed the dire needs of the market then. Post this, they managed to shape Verifitech India as a successful start-up and also experienced numerous milestones so far.

In the span of a decade, the company has extended its services beyond the domestic realm to international markets like U.S., South Africa and Singapore, wherein it caters to Indian clients residing overseas through associations with channel partners. Verifitech India leaves no stone unturned in execution, right
from driving license verification to I-9 verification for its Indian clients from time-to-time while sailing ahead to establish a new international business hub mostly in Canada or U.S. this year.

Accomplishing such profound success is no mean feat. It is the strong management team of Verifitech India that acts as the
very foundation of success. Coming from various background further provides the team the much-needed oil. For instance,
Saraswathi R (Co-Founder & President) is an expert in credit processing of retail loan assets and employee securitization, while expert legal consultant takes care of all the legal activities, chartered accountants and CFOs overhead finance-oriented tasks, retired police officers help in crime investigations, apart from many think tanks. “We very well understand that apart from a strong management, the team too needs to be at the cutting-edge of technology and techniques. Hence we provide regular training to them,” avers Raju.

"We very well understand that apart from a strong management, the team too needs to be at the cutting-edge of technology and techniques. Hence we provide regular training to them"

Employees at Verifitech India are exposed to exceptionally good platforms that motivate each one of them to impart wisdom in all aspects. Presented with a unique workculture portraying utmost transparency in day-to-day activities, the employees abide by the concept of ‘Love, Learn & Lead’, meaning ‘Love your job, Learn through Employment and Lead in your Career’. To enhance knowledge sharing through fun activities, Verifitech India organizes ‘Fun Day Before Sunday’ on each Saturday as a part of its Employee Engagement Program along with weekly meetings across each department. Moreover, employees from all its office locations get-together to attend Outdoor Refreshment Training programs conducted every January and June in a year. To further build the connect with its team, the employees are free to bring their kids to office when required.

Targets – Down the Road
Bagging an increase in revenue from Rs.5.5 million to Rs.10 million during the last year, Verifitech India is all set to reach its Rs.40 million target besides transforming into a trusted partner and premier service provider in the industry by 2020. To achieve this, the firm would be launching a user-friendly digital platform for its clients by clearly grasping their service level requirements and facilitate them with real-time status tracking, ATS, minimized TAT, error-free reports and a lot more features. Aiming for an organic development, Verifitech India will redimension its business to the next level by acquiring potential international partners besides pitching to VCs or angel investors through requisite associations.

Key Management:
K Raju, Co-Founder, Director & CEO
Raju was previously associated with Vaithisvaran & Co, Fullerton India Credit Company and other reputed firms. He is a professional Background Screening & Credit Verification professional who is currently leveraging his professional experience and expertise to craft the services portfolio at Verifitech India.

Saraswathi R, Co-Founder & President
Karthikeyan Arumugam, Sr. Consultant – Legal
Raja Saravanan, Vice President – Branding & Corporate Relationship
Dinesh J, Vice President – HR & Compliance
Narayanan Yegnan, Independent Director – Finance
Suresh Kumar K, Independent Director – Investigation & Crime Records Search
Venkataramani P, Independent Director – Process Improvement

Quick Facts:
Date of Establishment:
22 June, 2009 – Partnership Firm
20 May, 2015 – Registration as Private Limited Firm

Centralized Processing Hub – Chennai
Liaison Offices – Bangalore, Kochi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore & New York

Verifitech India’s Team:
Highly skilled Professionals & Experts – Retired Police Officials, Chartered Accountants, Ex-Bankers & Lawyers with proven track record

Esteemed Clients: 1000+ entailing mid-cap companies across industries – IT, ITES, e-Publishing, Logistics, Software Development, Software Testing, Manufacturing, NBFC and many others

•‘One of the 25 Most Promising Corporate Verification Consultants – 2016’ by Consultants Review Magazine in August, 2016
•‘Joyful & Inspiring Workplace Creation for 2017-18’ by Joyful Living Foundation, Chennai