Vayudoot Multi Services: Ensuring Speedy, Timely & Efficient Employee Transportation

Shankey Agarwal,Managing Director
Shankey Agarwal, Managing Director

Employee productivity is one of the most critical factors that hold the potential to either make or break any organization. Capable of being affected by various tangible and intangible factors, it is thus vital for companies to take into account every aspect that could hamper employee efficiency. “An employee’s work practically begins from the time he/she leaves their accommodation. And an individual who encounters a negative experience or incident on his way to work will carry a disturbed mind-set to his workplace, which will ultimately hamper his productivity,” explains Shankey Agarwal, Managing Director, Vayudoot Multi Services, a provider of ground handling and employee transfer services.

Having identified the criticality of professional employee transfer in affecting a company’s output, Vayudoot focuses on providing employees the best possible experience through their journey to work. “We ensure that the customer is always at the epicentre of our endeavours. All our services and solutions have been designed keeping in mind the needs of the industry and our clients,” adds Shankey. The intuitive organization has today revolutionized the employee transfer space through its wide network of over 75 dedicated professionals, a fleet of more than 500 passenger vehicles and 100 commercial vehicles spread across India.

Professional Employee Transportation Services
With large multinationals making way into the country and the industry growing at large, managing efficient transportation for a massive workforce has become a challenge for most organizations. Riddled with inefficiencies and unprofessionalism, the space is largely unorganized. Additionally, for mission-critical industries such as aviation, timely transfer of staff is not a matter of choice but a business necessity. Vayudoot as an organization is committed towards changing the way employee transfer businesses are run. Taking advantage of technology and industry know-how, Shankey has structured the services to render clients with a ‘wow experience’.

Operating across Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad, Vayudoot’s employee transportation services are built around maintaining speed, time, and efficiency. The firm has created a digital mobility ecosystem that resolves various bottlenecks faced by corporates in terms of transportation. In order to do the same, Vayudoot has designed a highly evolved platform that leverages high tech components such as Telematics, Connected Car Technology, and Artificial Intelligence. Making use of the platform, Vayudoot’s commute
services effectively eliminate internal costs and increase operational efficiency, while improving the capacity utilization and fleet compilation.

Unlike its unprofessional counterparts, Vayudoot’s employee transfer facilities help clients optimize routes efficiently using advanced routing algorithms. Keeping employee safety at the top of its priority list, the firm makes use of intelligent routing calculations tailored to clients’ specifications and undertakes every precaution to enhance the safety of clients and their employees during transit. The firm has employed a technology through which any vehicle can be stopped if an alert signal has been triggered. Additionally, passengers can also reach out through SOS signals; clients can make use of real-time vehicle tracking and be guaranteed of driver and vehicle compliance. Having employed performance analysis, Vayudoot ensures that clients enjoy a significant cost savings of up to 20 percent.

Expertise in Aviation Ground Handling
Aviation as an industry requires every stakeholder to be right on time. Be it the cockpit crew, ground staff or the materials required during a flight, timely transfer of every component of the process is of prime importance. Utilizing its professionalism and deep industry understanding, Vayudoot has developed expertise in rendering airline-ancillary related services in Mumbai and Delhi. Holding a licence issued by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, Vayudoot offers services across eight major commercial airports of India. With a wide range of solutions, clients can rely on the firm’s fleet appearance services, facility management, terminal services and manpower supply for airport services. “So far, we have maintained a 98-99 percent arrival on time,” adds Shankey proudly. The firm counts major airlines such as Air India, Indigo, Jet Airways, Mondelez International, Network 18, Zydus Wellness, Spicejet, BHEL, Ericsson and Overnite Express amongst its long-term clientele.

Turning Client Challenges into Opportunities
When an employee is in transit to or from work, ensuring a completely positive journey has been Vayudoot’s prerogative since its very inception. The firm understands that the drivers play a critical role in upholding a transportation company’s reputation, since the client directly interacts with them at the ground level. As a consequence, Vayudoot has undertaken various steps to ensure that the drivers are not only professional and skilled in their area of work, but also have a commitment towards doing the best of their abilities. Turning drivers into small-time entrepreneurs was Vayudoot’s early attempts at changing the way the industry functions. Having undertaken this step much earlier than Ola and Uber, the firm has enabled several of its drivers to purchase their own vehicles through the organization’s support. Thus, it has built a strong family of 600-700 dedicated drivers over the past seven years who ensure that every client receives professional and timely services. Additionally, Vayudoot is also keen
on developing a driving institute which would train its drivers free of cost and enable them to sharpen their skills.

An Industry Trailblazer in the True Sense
While Vayudoot is known for its impeccable services and path-breaking professionalism, the firm truly differentiates itself from its competitors owing to its keen understanding of the industry and its challenges. “While various companies might think of giant corporations and MNCs in terms of fleet management and employee transfer solutions, such organizations will not be able to guarantee the cost saving that we do,” asserts Shankey. Unlike other number crunching solution providers, Vayudoot has built its services on the foundations of a deep understanding of the needs of the industry. Offering tailor-made solutions, the Vayudoot team is adept at listening to its clients. The team first closely studies a client’s current operations, modus operandi, SOP and costs, after which a dialogue is initiated and a complete health checkup is conducted. Post this, the firm provides the client with a custom-made solution which would ensure cost savings. In fact, the client is only charged a fee when they experience a cut down in its spending.

A family run affair since 2008, Vayudoot is entering a new phase in its growth journey and is looking to bring experienced industry professionals on board over the next few months. The past few years have seen the company grow steadily at 40-50 percent YoY. However, Shankey is striving towards taking the company to the Rs.100 crore club by 2020. The firm is also aiming for an increased PAN India presence in the years to come. “The industry is also moving steadily towards the self-drive trend. We have received a 'rent a cab’ license and are looking to leverage this opportunity to facilitate increased growth,” adds Shankey.

The proactive organization that has cemented its position as a leader in the employee transportation industry is now only competing with itself. “We only strive to be better than what we were yesterday. While we understand that the learning curve is steep, if we are able to better a user’s experience even by one percent, I will consider it as a major success,” concludes the ambitious entrepreneur. Given his tenacity to bring a shift in the way the industry functions, Shankey has moulded Vayudoot into a true blue trailblazer in the industry.

Key Management:
Shankey Agarwal, Managing Director
With a vision of re-inventing the process of providing employee transportation services, Shankey laid the foundation for Vayudoot Multi Services and is uplifting it towards the pinnacle of airline-ancillary industry segment, along with being the leading employee transportation company in India.

Offices: Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad & Ahmedabad

Offerings: Airline-Ancillary Related Services & Employee Transportation Services