Universal Veriphi Solutions

Finally the ‘digitization’ of India has been extricated from the yearly words of politicians, and in fact become a tangible metamorphism. This blooming drive of digital networks is anticipated to bring about conspicuous revamp across the businesses, and one among the millions of benefits is digital records of mankind, and in turn the launch of version 2.0 of background verification -more secure, fast and cost-effective. Proclaiming privilege of being the only background verification company having tie up with the Postal Department of the Government of India for accessing its network to provide fast, convenient and cost-effective services is Universal Veriphi Solutions (Universal Group) – a Mumbai based organization.

Came into existence in 2009, Universal is into comprehensive employee background screening, predominantly focused on Academic Qualifications, Previous Employment Statistics, Address Verification (permanent & temporary), Gap Checks (education & employment), Criminal Verification, Drug Test Check, Digital Foot print Check, Court Check, National Identity Checks, and Reference Verification among many other check points.

However, the icing on cake has been its B2C foray with its level of commitment in reducing in-house crimes and cheating as well as verification beyond employees; which means the company verifies details of Vendors, Suppliers, Tenants, Marriage proposals, Maids, Drivers, Companies and their Promoters, Teachers and Students as well (in fact any individual)!! “‘Trust, but Verify’ is our message to fellow Indians. We consider background verification as a social
Prashant P. Khambaswadkar,Founder, MD & CEO

Prashant P. Khambaswadkar

Founder, MD & CEO

Universal's verification is facilitated by ex-police personnel supported by a technology infrastructure which ensures that the first check happens in its own database

and noble initiative and we are working towards making our country safer,” avers Prashant P. Khambaswadkar, Founder, Managing Director & CEO, Universal Group.

The Frauds vs. Experience Battle

The proliferating reports of fake certificate, employee wrongdoing and data theft cases lucidly define that the burgeoning background verification companies in our subcontinent have failed to ensure security.

But you can trust Universal as its verification is facilitated by ex-police personnel, and they are supported by a technology infrastructure which ensures that the first check
happens in its own database (collection of detailed history of employees), and even traces the resources who frequently jump from one organization to the other. “Our analytics has given us a trend in behavior of defaulters and whenever such a trend is observed, we are alerted,” adds Prashant.

Years of experience in place and with seasoned senior stalwarts like H. N. Shrinivas, Pratyush Prasanna and Dilip Gazarao on the board, Universal knows what’s good for one. It perceives that the first and foremost phase of ensuring security is deciphering the purpose of check, and eventually ensuring the target is met through delivering whatever effort it takes. For instance, the company facilitates reports for airline companies and global regulatory, compliance and various databases check for foreign candidates (through its partnership with This propensity to take a step further and meet the demands has been magnetic to attract a prestigious clientele that comprises of Voltas, Reliance Industries, Sahara Star hotel, Scoda Auto, Hinduja, ADFC, YES Bank, Aditya Birla Group, Shoppers Stop, and even TCS which does intricate physical address verification of its candidates.

Open to Investors

Universal’s R&D department today is hosting serious researches in the segment with a bunch of well trained employees, and its doors opened for funding. “Weekly meetings and exposure to all the facets of background verification keep them abreast of time,” adds Prashant. Through on-boarding righteous investors, the company is all set to accelerate the growth pace and make its global presence.