Travels World: Bestowing Comfort, Safety, and Security in Employee Transport Services

The global economic state is facing a stagnant depression, and companies are trying to adopt every possible measure to cut costs. One such phenomenon is employee transportation which not only accomplishes cost-effectiveness for the organization but also ensures employee comfort and safety. Apart from it, by providing this unique benefit to the employees, the corporate can make certain that they work for the stipulated period and more effectively without being worried about trans-port. Not to mention the approach towards pollution reduction by lessening the use of more vehicles makes it a more reliable and praiseworthy service across the industry. With a mission to provide a world-class experience to the clients by maintaining on-time arrival, complete compliance, comfort, safety, and security, Travels World was established by Sharaschandra Sanil along with three of his partners in the year 2002. Being the most prominent corporate service providers in employee trans-port services in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Mangalore, the vision of Travels World is to be the best in class employee transport services in India.

Incorporated with just 10 vehicles, Travels World has grown rapidly with a present fleet size of 3600. "The objective of the company is to provide an outstanding transport system that is safe, reliable, efficient and environment-friendly that guarantees client satisfaction. To achieve this, we assure hundred percent safety measures and reliability such as optimized routine, on-time performance, compulsive, quality and shift response. For us, every customer is important and we reflect on every issue with true values like competitive pricing, unmatched service, and management commitment. Apart from the flawless services, the factor which makes Travels World stand out among its competitors is the continuous investment in training the staff to give the best of experience to clients." says Sharaschandra Sanil ­ Managing Partner,
Travels World. As a result company is awarded in the category of `Employer of the Region' from NITTE - KBL MSME Conclave & Business Excellence Awards 2019.

By bestowing services to more than corporate sectors majorly including BPOs, manufacturing, telecom and banking organizations, Travels World is growing stronger with each passing day due to its impeccable safety standards and operational quality management services. One of the very few companies to be certified by ISO: 9001, in the quality management system, Travels World is associated with many leading technology providers of the country to adopt technologies based on the client's requirements.

One of the very few companies to be certified by ISO: 9001 in the quality management system, Travels World is adopting the latest technologies based on the client's requirements

Talking about the innovations incorporated within the organization, Nachappa Mathanda ­ Chief Consultant, says "One key feature here is we are moving towards owner com drivers where we will have a lot of diversity in business. These owner com drivers and small-time vendors can be on board with us as we have a very strong onboarding process to ensure all these compliances. We are giving our best to manage everything effectively which means a client will not have any issues like service lapses, vehicles break down, and frequently drivers calling in sick. We have a very strong command center or facility where we track our cabs proactively updating us about the traffic and the location of the vehicle to ascertain timely services to the customers along with their safety and security. All these minute things are taken care for the seamless operations."

With experience Managing team, Praveen Raichur - General Manager, Jayatheertha - General Manager (Accounts), Mahantesh - Head MIS & Sandeep Kumar - Head Operations and with appropriate training and grooming to the workforce, the company ensures the technological fluency of the employees to assist the customers positively. A lot of training and awareness programs are also conducted, starting from personal grooming to vehicle maintenance training to meet the current operational expectations of the industry. Talking about the future ventures of the company, Sharaschandra quotes, "We are reaching 150 crores per annum, and we want to be a 200 crores company within one year."