Toran Global: A Boutique Recruitment Firm

Snehal Mandaokar & Co-Founders, Maneesh Pamnani & Partners

Snehal Mandaokar & Co-Founders

Maneesh Pamnani & Partners

It was during their experience as HR managers with a globally renowned conglomerate, that Snehal Mandaokar's and Maneesh Pamnanis first recognized a big gap in the recruitment industry. Coming from premiere B-Schools and having been exposed to some of the best hiring practices, the duo were quick to understand that a majority of the recruitment organizations were unable to completely connect with their clients needs the dynamics of the respective sectors and deliver solutions that not only are a match to the role requirements but also to the culture of the organization. Recruitment partners who did provide such a holistic approach were either to expensive or followed a time consuming process.

Toran Global a boutique recruitment firm, was founded in 2013 with the aim to address this gap while focussing exclusively on

Their ability to breakdown the information to datapoints which facilitate decision making for both the client and the candidate,their expertise in multi-layered searches and thorough candidate analysis has led to their rapid entry and growth in new industries

management & leadership hiring in large organizations. Today Toran Global is providing bespoke recruitment services to leadership organizations across sectors and setting bench marks of best in class Turn around Time (as low as two weeks for leadership hiring in numerous successful searches). The list of curated services include but are not limited to diversity hiring expat hiring, social media hiring, large projects market mapping studies and headhunting. Their ability to breakdown the information to data points which facilitate decision making for both the client and the candidate, their expertise in multi layered searches and thorough candidate analysis has led to their rapid entry and growth in new industries. Snehal proudly states,“By deploying these various channels we have been
able to fulfill leadership positions in four to five new industries in less than two weeks”.

Catering to various industries like automobile, telecom, consulting, ecommerce, BFSI and many more, Toran Global opposes a singular approach and prefers offering highly customized services to its diverse clientele by relying on its agility, technology support(data management and process driven system)and well trained recruiters. "Our ability to be agile and follow the internal process helps us deliver the best quality and speed," asserts the duo. Catering to clients with leadership positions across ten industries, Toran Global maintains a strict code of confidentiality and professionalism which is highly appreciated amongst its customer base. “About 70percent of our new clients approached us based on the references of the existing clients,”states Snehal.

An envious growth of 100 percent year on year since inception can be credited to the strong team that the boutique firm has managed to create.“We have built a high performance &fun atmosphere and are providing best in class incentives to our team,”informs Maneesh. With a simple but focused idea of continuing its association with market leaders and addressing hiring challenges across sectors, Toran Global is confident of becoming the recruitment partner of choice for top organizations while also expanding its service portfolio to other aspects of HR.