Tirupati Travels & Goods Service: Ensuring a Reliable, Safe & Economic Travel For Young Professionals

Nikhil Kande Patil,Owner

In India, one of the biggest stressfaced by employees is the hassle of commuting to and fro their workplace every day. With increasingly challenging traffic conditions, rising fuel costs and unreliable means of Public transport, employees are understandably frustrated by these commute problems, thus they are unable to give 100 percent at work. This in-turn has triggered the growth of reliable & hassle-free employee transportation solutions, which are not only safe, but also produce less carbon prints as they facilitate transportation of a large number of passengers.

Having identified the criticality of professional employee transfer in affecting a company’s output, Tirupati Travels & Goods Service concentrates towards providing safe and comfortable daily travel to the scores of young professionals working across the length & breadth of Pune ranging from Ranjangaon to Magarpatta, Hinjewadi to Chakan/Talegaon. “We are focusing to take employee transportation to a next level robust model wherein minimum human intervention is ascertained to ensure minuscule possibilities of errors. This will place us better in today’s competitive market and
broaden our business canvas to get upper edge,”professes Nikhil Kande Patil, Owner, Tirupati Travels & Goods Service.

"Ensuring a reliable & secure travel has been Tirupati’s visions since its very inception in 2004"

Ensuring a reliable & secure travel has been Tirupati’s visions since its very inception in 2004. Apart from implementing GPRS tracking system in every vehicle, the venture is stiff in recruiting antecedents verified drivers, and adopts in-house trained fleet controllers, company owned service stations, automation driven operatives and digital financial management system, along with many more technologically driven initiatives /tools aligning with changing Bharat to digital India. With value-added services such as monthly billing on actual KMS, discount on toll/cantonment charges, deployment of backup vehicle at short notice, automation driven operatives, self-owned service stations and digital financial management system, it continues to grant copper-bottomed solutions to all its esteemed customers. Today, Tirupati is considered as one of the most trusted travel partners to many companies including Wipro, AMDOCS, John Deere, Suzlon, Reliance Industries, Sudarshan Chemicals, Faurecia, General Motors, Infosys and Eaton to name a few.

Meeting Client's Expectations
Embarked on this journey from a hole-in-a-wall office in 2004, today Tirupati operates from plush office
at one of the most prestigious
financial hubs in Viman Nagar to run its 1000+ ever-growing fleet size; upholding strong financial stability along with highly trained staff to manage day-to-day operations. The competencies of its dedicated team are harnessed to deliver solutions proactively, whereas incessant innovations are looped in to save time, thereby generating revenue. Tirupati entirely fits into the client’s expectation of acquiring trustworthy transportation service provider with its two layered firewall protection method that not just secures their information but also preserves data storage & retention and analytics. Explaining further, Nikhil says, “Clients are more cautious for employee satisfaction – an expectation which we proactively resolve and get accredited on. Pain points are anticipated and managed instead of switching to fire fighting mode to handle snowballing of challenges later”.

Experiencing triple revenue growth compared to second and third quarters of 2018, Tirupati is poised to take a bigger leap in 2019 while scaling higher its own performance bar. Simultaneously, the company that pioneered in API driven fuel issuance system and vehicle maintenance activities is going to introduce a bouquet of many more activities on 100 percent digitalization for end-to-end front/backend operations in first quarter of 2019. “We are self-sustained, technology driven, operationally robust, futuristic, centrally controlled and have the edge over our competitors for innovation,” concludes Nikhil.