The United Group: Proffering Quintessential Human Resource Recruitment,Outsourcing, & Payrolls Solutions Leveranging Vast Database

To seize top-notch talents & retain them amidst the fierce competition, organizations outsource their recruitment, Human Resource and payroll activities in an attempt to reduce the time and cost of dedicating sizeable staff. Seeking a vendor with vast reach would enable enterprises to explore a deeper talent pool and on board talents with the perfect blend of technical expertise & cultural skills, rather than consuming through a restricted supply of manpower. However, the availability of exhaustive database should not be antonymous with run-off-the-mill services. Adeptly embodying this juxtaposition is what sets The United Group, a professionally managed Placement Consultant & Staffing Group, at the higher end of the spectrum.

Besides being an executive member of Staffing Federation of India, The United Group is also accredited to CII & various other industrial associations. “We are very particular in statutory compliances and our clients trust us for the same,” asserts Rakesh Chandra Balooni, Chairman & Managing Director, The United Group maintains a fair approach with its customers and suppliers, and thereby ensure the long-term success of the Group. “We offer perfect solutions for constant enrichment of the Human Capital, which is vital for retaining the competitive edge,” adds Rakesh. The United Group proficiently undertakes all the activities till the penultimate stage so that its client would be ready to do the final selection of the candidates.

Rising as a Behemoth

The United Group was established in 2003 by Rakesh and Sangita Balooni. Gradually spreading its wings to branch out more entities namely TDS Placements & Services Pvt. Ltd., SSD Global Associates, TDS Industries (manufacturing company), Honesty Engineering (manufacturing company) and T3S Foundation (a non-profitable organization under Section-8), today with presence across India & abroad, The United Group is harvesting a splendid turnover of Rs.109 crore per annum. And TDS has emerged into a well-established brand coshing up amongst the prominent players in the RPO (Recruitment Process out-sourcing), Time Office & Payroll Outsourcing and Contractual manpower, Off Roll employment & Temporary Staffing Services Outsourcing sectors.

Standing gigantically with a core team of 250+ members and a family of over 18,000 employees who are outsourced to various firms & corporates PAN India, The United Group is renowned for focusing on the growing needs of the industry and catering apace with the requirements of the clients. This enormous data bank of the candidates coupled with its conventional & positive attitude empowers The United Group to astonish clients with a quick & positive response and avail a wide choice of positions. And the company doesn’t seem to slow down in integrating more candidates to its database, owing to the fact that The United Group doesn’t charge even a single penny from candidates, which means candidates neither have to pay registration charges nor placement/recruitment charges.

Turnkey Recruitment Solutions

Having a team of experienced recruitment professionals, The United Group specializes in staffing solutions like Permanent Staffing, Temporary Staffing, Executive Staffing and Senior Staffing. Its collaborative recruitment solution helps clients to lower time-to-hire, reduce overall recruitment cost and improve efficiency of recruitment. The United Group’ services are designed to manage end-to-end activities related to recruitment such as resume processing, screening & validation; candidate skill-mapping, database building and management, candidate search from online resources (private & public), candidate evaluation, candidate engagement, and coordination with potential candidates.

Specialized in Technical Hiring, The United Group leverages its huge database to bestow clients with proficient technical manpower. Thanks to its ominous presence, the company also helps its clients to set up new plant PAN India.
Rakesh Chandra Balooni,,Chairman & Managing Director

Rakesh Chandra Balooni,

Chairman & Managing Director

Backed by a team of experts that works in close coordination with its clients and carefully analyses their specific requirements, TDS is widely appreciated for matching the perfect candidate with the job client offers

Its RPO solutions encompass database selection, executive search, advertised selection, and turnkey recruitment solutions. Backed by a team of experts that works in close coordination with its clients and carefully analyses their specific requirements, The United Group is widely appreciated for matching the perfect candidate with the job client offers. The highly effective & customized Contractual Solutions such as contractual and temporary staffing services, contract for manpower (semi-skilled labour, skilled labour, staff for administrative help and skilled staff on its own pay roll), contract for work, and temporary & Ad-hoc replacement, rendered by The United Group at client’s premises have enabled it to become the preferred choice for organizations nationwide.

“We tend to provide our clients the best and uninterrupted contractual manpower as per their need along with pre-interview training to the candidates,” adds Rakesh. TDS Placement takes responsibility for all statutory deductions from the wages of the eligible employees deployed under the contract and depositing the same in the concerned departments as per the existing rules & regulation of Government of India/State. It also submits documentary proofs duly certified as an evidence to be kept on record by client’s company.

The United Group has its proprietary advanced Payroll Software to cater to the needs of the clients. The company’s quality payroll processing & personnel services at competitive & affordable rates with its Time Office & Payroll Management Outsourcing services covers a huge scope of work including, but not limited to, setting up of Master Employee details, Earnings & deductions, Joiner & Resigned, Setting up of rules, Leave treatment, Tax, LTA & so on, LOP, Salary revisions & others, Receipt & updating of variable input as per standard format, Payroll processing, Dispatch of final pay out master, Tax computation based on the ITDF, Standard Reports & MIS, Employee query handling, Payroll Register, Forms 16 & 24, Net Pay out report and Pay slips e-mailing.

The United Group also conducts thorough exit interviews of the leaving employees to ascertain the reason behind leaving his/her present job, seeking their feedback, advice for betterment, and filling the loop holes in client’s company. Registering the comments of departing employees not only helps it to ameliorate the working conditions & retain employees, but also has a hidden purpose of helping employers avoid costly litigation down the road, caused by ‘disgruntled’ employees.

The United Group undertakes assignments for conducting Labour Law Statutory Compliance Audit for the corporate, Pre-Audit, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly & annual audit for Principal Employer and for the various Vendors/Contractors/working under the Principal Employer or premises of the Principal Employer. It provides complete management information report to its clients with Percentage of
Compliance details, Action Plan, Suggestion for improvement, Corrective measures with recommendations, and amendments including recent notification details with reference to all Labour Enactments.

The high effectiveness and timely delivery of its wide array of consultancy services have ensured maximum client satisfaction. For instance, The United Group saves the time and money for its clients with its Third Party Liaison Service, which covers any kind of consultation and supports all activities associated with supporting third party relationships with client’s organization. The United Group provides diverse highly effective Industrial Relations Services (IRS) namely Registration of New Companies, Filing of different Returns and Obtaining License & various No Objection Certificates. “Our team consists of various professionals, who are specifically trained in the domain of Industrial Relations to ensure maximum utility to the clients. We work in close collaboration with the clients to ensure complete understanding of their specific requirements,” remarks Rakesh.

Going beyond the traditional work aura, The United Group also undertakes maintenance and care of factory, commercial or industrial buildings such as hotels, resorts, university, colleges, schools, office complexes, sports arenas and convention centres under its Facility Management Outsourcing branch. At the premises, as per client’s requirement, the company also covers various duties including the care, operation and maintenance of even air conditioning, electric power, boiler, air compressor, water system, cooling tower chilling plants and others.

Passionate Workforce

By providing training and holding workshops, The United Group enhances the skill sets of its enthusiastic workforce, who have an undying passion to excel in all areas of business operations. Furthermore, the executive & management team along with all operation & functional managers accept daunting business challenges as an opportunity to prove their capabilities and go all out to exceed the highest customer expectations.

The United Group is in the process of integrating more vertical services as well as opening new branches in India and abroad to spread its expert services to its clients worldwide. Within the next five years, The United Group plans to double its splendid turnover of Rs.109 crore per annum. The United Group envisions leading in the creation and delivery of innovative workforce solutions and services that enable its clients to win in the changing world of work. Striving for a global and customer-focused presence in all divisions, the company intends to be the hidden champion in all divisions by offering unique products, system solutions as well as efficient manufacturing processes. With innovation, quality and cost leadership, The United Group is strengthening its competitive position and thus ensuring long-term stability.

Key Management:

Rakesh Chandra Balooni - Chairman & Managing Director

Sangita Balooni - Director

Devender Balooni

Bhavesh Goyal

Parvesh Pathania

Offices: Chandigarh, Delhi, Himachal – Baddi, Uttrakhand - Haridwar, Roorkee & Rudrapur, Rajasthan – Bhiwadi, Gujrat – Vadodara, and Maharashtra - Mumbai

Clients: Engineers India Limited, Wipro, Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, Uttrakhand Van Nigam, Lorial India, P & G, Emami, ITC, Stylam Ltd., SML Isuzu, and Amtek Group.

Verticals: Government, Automobile, Telecom, FMCG, Retail, Pharma, Real Estate, Health care, Textile, IT, Manufacturing Power and many others.