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Ravi Teja,  Talent Hunter

Ravi Teja

Talent Hunter

A new company faces an insurmountable number of challenges from the moment of its birth. A few of the concerns that need to be addressed are: competition, risk management, financial planning, sustainability, culture, and leadership. With startups, finding and onboarding new employees are the most difficult and time-consuming process. To find the appropriate employee for a startup, you need someone who is passionate about reaching the company’s goals and who grows with the brand. As a response to the difficulties that businesses face when trying to hire new employees, Ravi Teja established Technoculars.

Established in 2018, Technoculars is a startup-focused recruitment service provider that uses cutting-edge technology. Numerous industries benefit from Technocular’s assistance in determining what market resources are available and how to develop human resource infrastructure. As a crowd staffing organization, Technoculars works closely with a number of Indian recruiters who work across a wide range of sectors. Technoculars function as a single point of contact for companies seeking candidates in a variety of industries.

Employee Referral Approach
All of Technoculars’ recruiters are adept at identifying and meeting the needs of clients from a wide range of industries. They are not limited to working in a single industry, but
rather have the versatility to operate in a broad array of industries. It’s because Technoculars aims to make each resource a recruiter in the long run. Explaining more about this process the Founder and Talent Hunter of Technoculars, Ravi Teja says, “Individuals can help their family and friends find work by referring them to potential employers.

A person with a lot of contacts may discover that one of his or her acquaintances is looking for a job. Those who are aware of our platform, can log in to Technoculars and refer their connection to a job that they find on the portal. It’s a win-win situation for both the friend and the one who refers them to the company. As a result of Technoculars’ hiring of the candidate they recommended, the individuals who referred him or her will receive a referral bonus. People can earn money by referring other people to the Technoculars forum, which in turn allows them to earn more money themselves”.

All of Technoculars’ recruiters are adept at identifying and meeting the needs of clients from a wide range of industries

Thriving on Technology
For the benefit of employers, Technoculars uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing(NLP). Immediately after posting the resumes, Technoculars’ search engine will begin evaluating the resumes in order to select the most suited one. Candidates with relevant and non-related prior job experience can be narrowed down by recruiters.

With Technoculars’ help, recruiters will have an easier time getting a big number of applications in the future, as the company plans to establish a model similar to LinkedIn. Technoculars’ platform will allow recruiters to sort potential workers based on their previous job histories for the first time. Using AI, Technoculars is also creating tools for grading candidate profiles based on their uploaded resumes.

Technoculars also provides recruiting services for established BPO, banking, and other financial services organizations. However, the vast majority of its clientele are start-ups. “The company’s long-term goals include expanding its client base and streamlining its recruitment processes. In order to ensure that no one leaves Technoculars without a letter of offer, we are working on solutions.In addition, we discovered that 48 days is the longest turnaround time needed to close a position through our research. We’re striving to design a system that will allow us to reduce this timetable by 20%, to 36, 38, or 42 days instead”, concludes Ravi Teja.