Talent Maximus India: Applying Technology to Address End-to-End HR needs of Every Organization

Today, the market for HR industry is very competitive in India with respect to pricing. While adoption of Automated Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can bring more insights to the domain, more advancement in the employee self-service portals and swift query resolutions can bring more advantage to employees. Major gap existing is that there is no standardized expectation from the HR domain and there is no single solution to handle HR needs. Bridging the gap between the actual expectation and available solution is a big challenge in this domain. Set up in 2005, Talent Maximus India(tMI) is one such firm which is using technology to transform the HR function of businesses by making them efficient, accurate and stress free; while not compromising on the human touch.

Established by Arvind Swami, a renowned actor in Indian cinema, who has also been part of various global operations in the domain of HR and Healthcare, talent Maximus has come a long way from being an outsourced HR services provider of staffing and payroll solutions, to an end-to-end HR solutions partner streamlining the people functions of industry leaders across healthcare, retail, manufacturing, apparel and other industries. “The challenges are different from IT to manufacturing setup. In today’s legal setup, being complied with all labor laws is the most challenging task to the clients this includes education on most taxfriendly and least administrative components. Handling multiple systems/databases to extract information for payroll processing; Making information on payroll available in respective client systems without any manual intervention; and Deviation between theory and practice with respect to all policies relating the employee management are major challenges of all. With our expert domain knowledge, person centric delivery and technology enabled solutions, we are successfully addressing these stumbling blocks,” says Ms. Hemalatha V, Senior Vice President Talent Maximus(tMI).

Talent Maximus has introduced its flagship program elixirHR a technology partner to
Arvind Swami,Founder - Chairman
transform your organization’s HR experience through an end-to-end application that is affordable, customizable, and compatible with different systems. elixirHR provides services such as Cloud-Based System safe to access data from anywhere and at any time Data Confidentiality and Security Stringent security protocols ensuring responsible storage, archival, and disposal of data; Enhanced User Experience designed with an adaptable and intuitive UI to simplify HR activities; Seamless Integration avoiding data duplication and information inconsistency; Scalablity ability to scale and adapt to the vision and growth of your business; and Generation of Unlimited Reports generating manpower budget reports for future projections. The different modules of elixirHR are Manpower Planning, Recruitment, On boarding, Performance Appraisal, Training, and Exit Management.

elixirHR is designed to be a technology partner to transform your organization’s HR experience through an end-to-end application that is affordable, customizable, and compatible with different systems

People management is key to the success of any organization, and with the launch of elixirHR, tMI’s homegrown HRMS application, the firm aspires to offer nextgeneration solutions to manage the Human Capital of organization effectively and efficiently. Hemalatha V shares, “Talent Maximus began with serving as a payroll solution provider and now it has grown in processing more than 1 lakh records processing with audit of compliances without much marketing effort, establishment and audit of compliances. A major milestone achieved is developing elixirHR to handle major employee cycle online and unlimited reporting aids for Management Information System (MIS).” Some of the major client Verticals served by Talent Maximus are Hospital Industry, Apparels, Construction, Manufacturing & ITES and many more. The future roadmap of tMI is to develop more in HRMS, Payroll on Cloud and Compensation and benefits consulting.