SUMS CorpSolutions: Boosting Client's Profitability through Modern HR Techniques & Practices

From field services to product development, workforce is essential to accomplish desired outcomes, even in areas that are efficiently automated. Employees have a remarkable influence on operations and the execution of best-practice processes in every phase of the business. However, the quality and consistency of an employee’s output is directly linked to HR; having a strong HR strategy is vital for the long-term business success and worthy investment. Based on the HR Strategy Framework, SUMS CorpSolutions is uniquely positioned to assist clients’ organizations in building scalable & sustainable people capability and augmenting profitability by introducing modern HR techniques & practices. Through its unique 4D approach (Define needs, Develop concept, Deliver initiative and Determine impact), the company is catering to client’s diverse HR requirements and effectively delivering impactful interventions in terms of people strategy, operational excellence and efficiencies, vital for the survival & overall growth of businesses. “We identify the right HR strategy & implement the ideal systems/processes and aid organizations to become an employer of choice by addressing their people challenges,” professes Umesh Rateja, Founder Director, SUMS CorpSolutions.

The company’s wide range of consulting and advisory services enable customers to build systems and processes to acquire, engage, manage and develop their human capital. Since, SUMS deals with HR strategy, it is deft in rendering services like talent acquisition (CXO hiring, executive & personalized search and head hunting), people engagement (employee engagement study, internal communication, and reward & recognition to name a few), HR operations (payroll & compliance, contract staffing and so on) and talent development (executive coaching, assessment centers and others).
Paramita Kapat, Umesh Rateja & Dr. Aman Sher Singh,Founder Directors

We identify the right HR strategy & implement the ideal systems/processes and aid organizations to become an employer of choice by addressing their people challenges

Additionally, its highly coveted leadership and behavioral programs enhance prowess like team building, sales coaching, grooming & personality development, goal setting, English language, negotiation, and coaching & mentoring skills among others, thereby preparing participants against real-world problem.

3i Philosophy

Since one-size-never-fits-all, SUMS tailors its programmes & services to meet the specific needs of every individual. Unlike others, the firm closely works with clients, understands their issues & objectives, co-creates solutions & designs contents, tracks & reviews their performance, and hand-holds them throughout the contract period.
On the other hand, its 3i philosophy: improvement through innovation leading to positive impact delivers solutions in a friendly, efficient, and agile way, thus becoming a reliable partner wherein these solutions are executed using research, technology and validated training blends that go beyond classroom. Furthermore, the company upholds strategic tie-up for providing various technical training using technical labs and organizes outbound/adventure training across the country in association with training infrastructure service providers.

Upgrading Workforce

SUMS also organizes weekly & monthly review meetings in order to know challenges faced by its employees and how to enhance their performance for better customer experience whereas lots of training, coaching, mentoring and knowledge & information are shared between/by the senior employees & peers. This bootstrap company encourages its employees to indulge in self-learning and performs various internal & external training programs to keep them abreast with the latest technologies & industry trends.
Understanding the current market demand, the firm grants temporary manpower outsourcing and contract staffing solutions across verticals such as IT, FMCG, automobile, telecom, pharmaceutical and others. SUMS envisions becoming the most respected HR solution & service providers globally by adding more values to clients’ business. “When we work with our client on consulting project, we just don’t give them solution rather we partner them in executing and showing them tangible results in the delivery. We envision being one of the most reputed HR Solutions & Services providers,” concludes Umesh.