StepUp HR: Fostering Growth & Adding Divesity

Abhishek Upadhyaya, CEO,Bela Sethi, COOTwo industry oracles, Abhishek Upadhyaya and BelaSethi's biblical vision of availing their experience and understandings about the recruitment and staffing areas to solve the hiring dilemmas, inspired them to mark the genesis of an illustrious recruitment company StepUp HR. A shared services company, StepUp HR puts forward comprehensive HR integrated services and endeavours to bring resources from different verticals under one roof.

Crafting & Executing Exclusive HR Services
Technology plays a pivotal role in administering the up and running of this business. And StepUp HR understands this very well. In the light of the industry needs, the company has so far availed the power of state-of-the-art technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Application Tracking System and other new-fangled applications to devise its phenomenal and constructive approaches. The top-level HR solutions crafted by the company can be enumerated under four distinct categories like Executive Search/Leadership Hiring, Recruitment Solutions, Project-Based Recruitment, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing. The genres are further defined as Bulk & Turnkey Hiring, singling out experienced professionals possessing leadership qualities to satiate the industry demand, framing placement and recruiting strategies that succour the organizational exigencies and objectives. The best thing is the company does is mindful about the investment the clients are prepared to make in their selected recruitment project. It is based on this proposition that it sketch out services that fits the purpose and comes in an affordable price. StepUp HR is widely known for its on time and quick delivery of services which is executed within 24 to 36 hours, executing on boarding task at the right time and space, last but not the least keeping a tab on the quality of the candidates that it hires or designates for its clients.

The company has different department earmarked with different functionalities. For instance, the help desk or the candidate on boarding department administers the process involved in the generation of offer letter to joining date. A segment of the company remains in touch with the candidates for 60 days starting from the day of his/her joining day. During this time, the team of StepUp HR keeps a check on the official formalities concerned with the submission and acceptance of the offer letter, HR activities and others such necessities.

Captives & MNC in India
The company's pristine and optimum recruitment model has gained a worthy place in the ecosystem. Businesses from diverse discipline has not only employed but have glorified its methodologies, expedients and performance. Over the course of its existence, StepUp HR has lengthened its operations to a wide number of industries including IT/ITes, e-Commerce, Technology & Automation, Manufacturing, FMCG, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, Construction, Automobile and others. Above all, it is the humble and ethical aspect of the company's ownership, team play, and productive efficiency that empowers it to remain a cut above its competitors. "Our strong suit is our ability of carrying out recruitment operations within limited time-frame without putting the quality or sincerity in line. We take care of everything be it a project of mass hiring, almost hand-picking the choicest candidates and pairing them with the most suitable professions or job in an indemnified concern and vice-versa. In short whatever our task is, it is dedicated to measure up the needs and requirement of the organization. On the other hand, perceiving the importance of technology holds in moulding the best suiting services we have till date incorporated all the entailed technologies. Apart from AI and APS, we also use various applications and software to digitally monitor our endeavours and the activities of the entire team. Our know-how and capabilities has helped us to stay a step ahead of the pack," narrates Abhishek Upadhyaya, Managing Director & CEO, StepUp HR.

Making Headways
Established in 2007, StepUp HR has walked the industry for more than a decade now. And during this period it has own to its name several significant breakthroughs. Promoted
by two innovative individuals, the company today has work force strength of 80+ employees and served more than 90 noteworthy clients and records the highest conversion in the industry and holds about 100 diversities. Rooted in Ludhiana, the company has stretched its reach to major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. With instituting its branch office in Canada, it has sat a firm foot in the international market as well. Its par excellence potentialities procured it prestigious awards such as the World HRD Congress Awards, Global Talent Management by RASBIC-Times Ascent, World Leadership Foundation-2016 for Best Service Provided in the Recruitment Industry, Best Recruitment Firm 2017 by Global Achievers Forum. It will not be wrong to say that in every moment inch by inch StepUp HR has created an influential space of its own in the ecosystem. One of its biggest contributions as a HR firm is appointing medical consultants, doctors and nurses for Hospitals in Mumbai, Gujarat, Delhi provinces that are currently partaking the valiant task of combating the world pandemic Covid19

Bela Sethi, COO

"We have got best in class clients in the across verticals including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Multinational Banks, various IT, MNC sectors and other industries in India. We have seen our business climbing the ladder of success and touching a crowing point. This victory is the results of the sincere support our team which is a combination of fresh and experienced souls hailing from heterogeneous verticals, holding striking competencies that has worked wonders in the completion of our end in views. To acknowledge their staunch involvement we have designed a working environment where no hierarchy system is practise. In fact they have all the liberty to manoeuvre their task in the light of their own captaincy and mastery. We have immense respect for StepUp HR's squad which I think is the greatest factor behind their motivation," states he.

StepUp HR Team

The Way Forward
In this day and age, StepUp HR celebrates power and stature in the HR and recruitment space. The major objective has been of becoming the choicest recruitment partners to its prospective clients. The plan is to expand its activities in both national and international recruitment market and band with initiate alliance with some forthcoming and prospective businesses in the upcoming time.

StepUp HR celebrates power and stature in the HR and recruitment space

Abhishek Upadhyaya, Founder & CEO
A dynamic business leader, Abhishek boasts of a demonstrated knowledge and experience in the recruitment and staffing industry. His forte is to weave a propitious connection between the businesses, industries and apt human capital. His professional duration counts to more than 20 years during which he has tactically galvanized proficient technical and management manpower for large turnkey in India and countries across the world. The enterprising fervour call forth the creation of StepUp HR.

Bela Sethi, Founder & COO
The interest of being acquainted with and exploring the bents of the recruitment industry enticed her to venture into this domain with StepUp HR. Her masterly experience in the Business Development which she gained in the 21+ years of professional career assisted her to shape up a strong base for her own venture through which she is intending to bridge the gap in the hiring sector by bringing the prospective candidates and organizations together so as to work as hand and gloves.

Key Functional Areas:
• Executive Search/ Leadership Hiring
• Project-Based management
• Recruitment Solutions
• Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Executes Operation across CAPTIVES & MNC BANKS and Technology Companies:
• Automobile & Automobile Components
• e-Commerce
• Telecommunication
• Engineering Procurement & Construction
• Oil & Gas
• Power & Energy
• Infrastructure
• Construction & Real Estate
• Logistics & Transportation
• Pharmaceuticals