SRS Travels & Logistics: An Industry Leader In Addressing The Diverse Demands Of Corporate Employee Transportation

K.T Rajashekhara,Managing Director

K.T Rajashekhara

Managing Director

Owing to India's current public transportation system that is punctured with lack of infrastructure and passenger safety, and the demands from burgeoning IT industries with 24/7 work shifts, it has become mandatory for corporate to provide transportation services for the safety and security of its employees. Spending hours in cab during pickups and drop offs, especially for employees who stay on the same route can adversely affect an employee. Companies are opting for corporate employee transportation facilitates to help employees manage the increasing cost of conveyance considerably.

With Indian transportation sector currently being valued at a whopping 16 Billion USD, out of which about USD 2.5 Billion is spent directly by Indian corporate, Corporate Employee Transportation industry holds a strong growth opportunity in the country. A renowned name in the domain, SRS Travels & Logistics Pvt. Ltd. provides timely, safe, comfortable, reliable and affordable Corporate Employee Transportation services. Starting its operations in early 1971, at present SRS caters to the employee transportation needs of over 100 corporate clients who are served by 4,125 employees and 171 branches.

"During the early years of inception, Corporate Employee Transportation was a relatively unheard term. However, we saw a golden opportunity in developing this line of business as companies were coming up all over Bangalore whose employee commutation department needed solutions. This is when we took the bold initiative of approaching the employers and suggested that SRS Travels & Logistics could effectively handle their employees' commutation responsibilities. Companies such as Infosys and others appreciated the idea and took advantage of the offer. Today, we have over hundred clients to our account which includes IBM, Miscrosoft, Infosys, Exxon Mobile, Shell, TCS, Goldman Sachs, BIAL, GMR Airport Hyderabad and numerous others", shares K.T Rajashekhara, Managing Director, SRS Travels & Logistics.

Power House of Reliable Travel & Logistics Services
A judicious mix of comfortability and affordability is the most desirable thing that all the clients would expect SRS Travels & Logistics to offer and this is where the firm's long experience with over 100 clients comes into play. The company has been achieving this objective with every client and hence, has been successful in the market since inception.

With regard to the type of vehicles being deployed, it depends on the client's type of operation. SRS Travels & Logistics offers a range of vehicles to chose from, right from an Indica, Xylo, Swift, Innova, Tempo Traveler, to custom built buses of 20 ­ 50 seaters, and busses such as Volvo, Scania and Bharath Benz are also pressed into service as per the requirement of the client. The packages offered by SRS Travels depend entirely on the client's operations. From eight hour and 80 km. to the numbers of days of operations as per convenience of the client which could be anything from 22 days, 26 days or 30 days in a month. All the packages and vehicles
booked by the clients can be tailored to suite the client's operations at any point based on the availability.

With security being a prime concern in today's time, K.T Rajashekhara says, "We agree that security has to be factored in any transportation services. To overcome this concern, latest technologies are being adopted such as, GPS, Panic Button, Immobilizer are some of the features that also come into use. We are adopting these features in our system to ensure safety of the travelers. Sitting in the control room, one can track the vehicles as to where it is at any given point of time and records the actual distance travelled. By pressing the panic button in the vehicle, the occupant can send a signal to the control room and the latter can instantly contact the driver of the vehicle for further action. In case anything goes wrong, the vehicle can be stopped by the control room itself by pressing a button. Of course all these features come at a cost but this is where the judicial mix of comfortability and affordability comes into play."

The drivers hired by SRS Travels hold a minimum of 3 years' experience after thoroughly checking their background. The very first requirement of a driver is that he should be a non ­ alcoholic. The selected drivers are then put through a training program before being assigned a service.

Scaling New Heights
SRS Travels & Logistics under the leadership of KTR has ventured into yet another sector i.e. Logistics. The infrastructure needed to scale up the operations is being geared up. With 731 Crores turnover in 2018-2019, K.T Rajashekhara is dreaming big and SRS Travels & Logistics is bound to scale new heights. With over 5,000 vehicles including cabs, mini buses and big coaches on round the clock basis and with employs strength of over 3,000 persons, SRS Travels & Logistics has already achieved a high turnover and is likely to touch 1,000 Crores' mark in the next 3-4 years.

Comfortability and affordability are the most desirable things that clients expect SRS travels & logistics to offer and this is where the firm's long experience with over 100 clients comes into play

On account of his vast experience in the field of transportation, K.T Rajashekhara is also regularly consulted by various Government/ Private/ Professional bodies regarding corporate employee transportation. He is also a regular invitee of Karnataka Government during their Annual Budget exercises. Rajashekhara is very active in his chosen field and holds positions in various professional bodies. Speaking about the future roadmap, K.T Rajashekhara shares, "Growth is a continuous process and we always look for opportunities at introducing innovations and upgradations in our process to enhance and efficiently. We are already a pioneer in this industry and look forward to combating more competition in the years to come."

K.T Rajashekhara, Managing Director, SRS Travels & Logistics
K.T Rajashekhara, Managing Director, SRS Travels & Logistics, inherited business from his forefathers who were pioneers in the field of passenger transportation since 1940's. In the beginning their services were being operated all over the erstwhile Mysore State and they were operating some interstate routes. After taking charge, KT Rajashekhara got himself totally involved in the transportation business. Gradually the passion caught on and in 1971 SRS Travels was formally incorporated. Since then, there was no looking back and full-fledged operations have started across several verticals.