Sri Sathya Sai Tourists: Striving at Each Step to `Make Travel a Pleasure' & Quality Experience

S N Krishna Chidambara,CEOConsidered as key assets of many organizations, employees are granted many reimbursements by their employers which ultimately pay back the companies in numerous ways. One such event which has turned into a necessity rather than opulence is employee transportation facility organized by the organizations. Hoarding the employees from the callousness of the daily traffic, employee logistic services ensure their timely arrival and departure from the office along with safety and security. Contributing considerably to the environment by reducing the vehicles per person, well-organized employee commutes also assist the organization in cost reduction.

Determined to provide exemplary services to the competitive domain of staff logistics, Sri Sathya Sai Tourists was established in 1968 by Late Sri S Narayana Bhatta, an advocate with a noble cause to serve the people with legal entity. And lay down the strong foundation starting their journey with just one bus to tour operation, Sri Sathya Sai Tourists is now a proud possessor of a fleet of over 2000 vehicles and more than 40 corporate clients.

One of India's leading providers of all transport and travel needs, Sri Sathya Sai Tourists celebrated its golden jubilee last year after completing 50 years of journey in the industry. Admired and appreciated for its unmatched and exemplary services, Sri Sathya Sai Tourists believes in providing a diverse range of services under a single roof. The services are extended to clients under four divisions such as staff transportation, leisure transportation, hotels and accommodation, domestic and international ticketing. These four divisions manage almost every travel-related service bestowed
by the company including packaged and customized tours, car or bus hire, self-drive cars, employee transportation, school transportation, school excursion, hotel accommodations, ticketing, air-lines crew transportation and many more.

Well aware of the challenges involved in sustaining the rapidly developing employee transportation industry, Sri Sathya Sai Tourists is addressing them coherently. Highlighting the measures taken to ensure the safety of the clients, S N Krishna Chidambara, CEO, Sri Sathya Sai Tourists, states, "We do thorough background verification of our drivers through the internal process along with clearance from the police department. We are the first company to install GPS long back for real time tracking. Now we are going with CCTV cameras and anti-boozing devices ascertaining the maximum safety of our passengers. We are working on implementation of alcholock which will prevent the per-son from driving if he is drunk which ensure extra confidence on safety. Apart from that, we are giving regular training to all our drivers on safety and security. Considering women employees safety, we are taking every possible initiative to guarantee the security of our female passengers. We are also taking the initiative to have women driven vehicles."

One of India's leading providers of all transport and travel needs, Sri Sathya Sai Tourists celebrated its golden jubilee last year after completing 50 years of journey in the industry

With more than 40 corporate clients, the list is adorned with reputed corporate, IT companies and Manufacturing companies and many more. A prominent, responsible and experienced player of the industry, Sri Sathya Sai Tourists is trying to bring the e-vehicles and CNG vehicles in a regular transportation medium, for corporate clients as a remedy for excessively occurring environmental degradation. As the cost of eco-friendly vehicles is almost double than the diesel and petrol run vehicles, it is defeating the very primary purpose of its incorporation into the daily lives. Putting for-ward this issue, Sri Sathya Sai Tourists is hopeful of getting the attention of government and other intellectuals for an intense ponder over the matter. Discussing the future, S N Krishna quotes, "Our priority is to see that the e-vehicles and CNG vehicles are the future of the industry. As I mentioned, we are looking for some more possibilities on the safety and security, particularly for the women commuters."

Considering drivers are an integral part of the system in transportation, SST initiated a system where each & every driver has an opportunity to become `Entrepreneur' under the scheme called `PET' (Pilot in Employee transportation) where SST shall provide vehicles and business for a certain period and the successful completion of period, vehicle will be transferred to the drivers name and he becomes the proud owner. As part of social responsibility, SST is conducting CSR activities every year on 23rd November on the occasion of service day by involving all the members of SST family.