SPY Shot Detective Agency: Catering Tailor Made Background Verification Services

T.K. Sukumar,Director

T.K. Sukumar


Background Verification is a crucial aspect to consider pre and post hiring personnel for the future success of any organisation. This is to ensure that the information provided by the employee is authentic and helps building a faithful relationship between any organisation and their employees.

There are many companies who offer background verification services to their clients and Spy Shot Detective Agency is among them. Spy Shot Detective Agency was established on 04 .03. 2005 with Head Office based in Coimbatore and branches in Tamil Nadu. The founder and the director is T.K. Sukumar who has a passion and wealth of knowledge and experience in the field....

Spy Shot Detective Agency offers Pre-Employment Verification and Post-Employment Verification Services. The services include screening, verification of aspiring incumbents and their character, family background checks, financial background checks, authenticity of qualification certification, employment experience, reference checks, neighbour enquiries, physical verification and criminal record checks in confidence. It also offers professional interviews for short listing of right incumbents as well as interviews for the shortlisted incumbents to enable companies to make the right decision.

The Company USP
The company has a unique selling preposition - "Trust us Sit Back and Relax. We care, value and deliver your aspirations with impeccable quality at affordable cost." The quote itself represents that the company does it all for its clients, thus providing them maximum comfort throughout the entire process.
Spy Shot Detective Agency is professional, flexible, customer focus driven and can shift gears and change hats swiftly according to the challenging requirements of the verification of the diversified and versatile human re-sources located all over India. The company has a strong network of associates spread nationwide for timely delivery without compromising quality at all times in confidence.

The company offers versatility and flexibility to its clients. The services provided are tailor-made to suit the specific and unique requirements of its diversified clientele ranging from the Senior Management to Shop Floor Labour.

The wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of verification significantly adds value to every organisation in making the right decisions on right people at the right time. The company puts thoughts and efforts to care and value its clientele making appropriate decisions whilst investing their time and money in the Human Resources for the future success of their organisation. This is what has helped it gaining a competitive edge over the vast industry in the area of verification. Finally, they are brutally honest in their observations.

Spy shot detective agency puts its ethical and professional code of conduct and places its clientele compliance requirements as a top priority

Team of Professionals From Diversified Arenas
Spy Shot Detective Agency works through a "street smart" professional verification team that comprises of individuals with different professional background. They come from different areas of expertise ranging from- Arts, Criminology, Engineering, Finance, Forensic Science, Information Technology, Psychology, former Police Service with ample knowledge and enriched professional experience to take up challenges in the area of verification of versatile and diversified nature. This ensures utmost efficiency and a multi-layered verification process thus providing authentic results. The professionals are well equipped with the art of latest tools and technologies to deliver the various background verification services.

Spy Shot Detective Agency puts its ethical and professional code of conduct and places its clientele compliance requirements as a top priority. Its verification services are well complimented with its proven track record of Detective and Investigation Services for the past sixteen years as pioneers in the industry.

The Future Roadmap For The Company
The company is sincerely invested into the future. It is launching a new firm Spy Shot Detective & Forensic Training Centre in mid April 2021 focusing on providing Forensic Training Services to the most needed by professionals in Financial Institutions, Court of Law, Government Departments, Corporate Organisations, Educational Institutions and others professionals besides their successful track record of leading Detective and Investigation Professionals in Tamil Nadu rendering valuable services.