Somya Translators: Transcending Linguistic Barriers with Accurate and Affordable Services

Ajoy Singh,  Founder & Managing Director

Ajoy Singh

Founder & Managing Director

While the world is transforming into a global village, the prevalent barriers that once prevented us from connecting with diverse communities are now getting demolished. The technological advancements have led to a nexus that connects every corner of the world. With our cultures and languages being influenced by globalization, language differences are getting blurred. The major factor that fuelled these changes is the enterprises that could blot linguistic disparities. With that said, today the language service providers have really mitigated the pain of approaching different countries with diverse languages. Hence, language is no more considered a barrier to growth.

Zooming into a bigger picture, the translation services are not new. Our Vedas, Puranas, Bible, Qurans, and other religious books have been translated thousands of years ago to enlighten people irrespective of their religious faith. And the global bestsellers, whether education books or novels are translated to take it across boundaries to expand knowledge. Technology and globalization just amplified the potential of language services. Leveraging this acceleration, language service providers are beading the world in one string through their array of services. Speaking of such service providers, Somya Translators Pvt. Ltd. is a name that we can never miss! Since 2009, the company has been setting new benchmarks in this niche and highly competitive market for many years now. The brand was set up with the primary motive of exploring language services and reaching out to a global audience. Owing to its founders' impeccable management and leadership qualities, Somya Translators has always steered clear of major challenges and the proper guidance and flexible operational style have helped the company to become one of the most sought after names in the industry.

A Delhi-based organization, Somya Translators has taken a diversion from this most walked path by bringing back the trust & quality through highly accurate human translation. With over 4000+ certified translators and 65+ people strong team on board, this translation and localization company offers comprehensive language conversion & translation, interpretation, content writing services, editing & proofreading, transcription, interpretation, DTP Services, multilingual SEO, and more in over 170+ languages. To further complement the benefits, STPL for every language deploys native speakers, who have studied the target language extensively, thanks to the abundance of certified translators to choose from.

Speaking of the services provided by the company, Ajoy Singh, Founder & Managing Director, "The linguistic industry has expanded rapidly over the past decade and continues to grow. At this juncture, it is imperative to have an assorted mix of language translation services, which can be valuable and boost your business growth. With years of experience, the trusted team of Somya Translators proves to be the first and best choice. We intend to keep this growth consistent through our certified standard project execution quality management system and cost-effective services in major languages of the world including Spanish,
German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Persian, Hindi, and other Indian languages."

He further adds, "Our services include, but are not restricted to translating only general documents and certificates but also the translation of technical, telecom, medical, research, IT, games, Financial or legal notarized documents."

Quality & Consistency
Translation and interpretation usually seem easier said than done. People often visualize it as a matter of replacing each source word with the corresponding translated word in the required language, and they are done. Unfortunately, translation is much more than that, especially when there are multiple ways of saying the same thing in a different language. To this, add things like syntax, grammar, colloquialisms, and several others; the potential for mistakes is huge. Hence, it is important that translation companies hire certified local language experts to eliminate any mistakes. Realizing the importance of style, quality of content, linguistic connotations, and cultural appropriateness, STPL has formed an inhouse QC team to deliver a quality translation.

Based on the target language and specific requirements of the client worldwide, 3 teams of expert native linguists are assigned to each project individually according to their expertise. They guarantee the accuracy of the translations and exceed the client's expectations. Committed to delivering exceptional client service, the firm mandates 40 hours of training schedule each year for every employee. "Stayed true to our motto 'You say it, We do it.' We assure you cost-effective services, dynamically designed in accordance to the client specifications and promised deadline," Ajoy remarks.

Upholding a reputation as a client centric brand, STPL is marching forward to become one of the best employers as well

With a head office located in Delhi, and a branch office in Airoli, Mumbai, Noida (Uttar Pradesh) India also in Los Angles, California, STPL serves clients across 50 countries and manages a worldwide network of translators and interpreters who work in their native language and deliver the best services at lowest turnaround time.

What sets STPL apart from the rest of its contemporaries is, the highest quality linguistic services, expert industry specific translators, strictest quality assurance system, state-of-the best translation tools, and 24×7 services. Along with all the world-class offerings, STPL delivers translation services on an urgent basis at competitive rates. People often believe that quality however comes at a higher price point. But STPL has its own ways of providing its clients with cost-benefits and highquality work at the same time. Having always been driven by customer delight and the objectives of the project, the company offers the best possible to the clients because STPL never compromises its qualityoriented and customer-centric approach, and this strategy has paid off generously, especially in recent times.

Uncompromised Values
While dealing with content, it's crucial that they are in safe hands. Because information is wealth, after all. To ensure the complete safety of the content and STPL takes all major precautions in terms of security of the documents during all the phases and signs a non-disclosure agreement with clients and freelance workers.

Even though there are tools available for translation services, time & again, the blunders made by the tools keep the brand's reputation at stake. To keep such ethical dilemmas of machine-generated transcripts away, STPL has developed cutting-edge tools that recognize machine translation. “We provide value for money and nothing short of 100 percent quality. We are driven by the vision of Quality, Agility, and On-Time Delivery, and it's our strict principle that helps us stay true to this vision. Owing to an uncompromising approach and the well-trained local and international professionals who are guided by this vision, we train all our translations before delivering them to the customer” concludes Archana Singh, Director.

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