Sleuths India: Not Another Verification Agency, but a Professional Detective Firm

Naman Jain,Managing Director

Naman Jain

Managing Director

For almost all Indian background verification (BGV)companies, BGV is a narrow term that directly relates to pre-employment checks. Hence, there are very minimal choices for people who intend to wield the power of BGV to avoid devastating consequences while stepping into a business or personal relationship. Amidst them, finding a professional firm that’s capable of handling their information with confidentiality and has the technology to accomplish it successfully is nothing short of a Herculean task. Sleuths India is one such rare gem, which utilizes the world’s most sophisticated technologies akin to imported, customized spy devices to meet client’s needs in utmost professional manner. With 200+ employees spread across Delhi(Headquarter), Mumbai & Bangalore, Sleuths is highly capable of performing BGV on anyone nationwide in whatever way possible, whether it’s cheating employees, pre-employment verification, pre-matrimonial check or due diligence on corporates. Solving around 200 cases per month, Sleuths has been growing with a marvellous revenue soaring at an annual average of 30 percent. By maintaining ironclad confidentiality & integrity, the
company has gained the trust of India’s most prominent industrialists, politicians, bureaucrats, celebrities and top corporate houses (Reliance, TATA, Microsoft, HP & Honda to name a few). Show casing the enormity of its stardom is the prestigious awards Sleuths has earned from The President of India (2012) & Ministry of Home Affairs (2014), not to mention the ton of strong positive buzz from media worldwide. The credit can be conferred to the sharp detective skills of its people who have solved numerous mysteries.

Sleuths India utilizes the world’s most sophisticated technologies akin to imported, customized spy devices to meet client’s needs in utmost professional manner

Exposing Frauds with Detailed Investigation

Proffering services since 1997, the company conducts a detailed investigation encompassing abundant parameters that other companies can’t even think of. Its pre-employment verification, for example, covers the candidate’s relationship with his superiors, subordinates & opposite sex in his/her previous employment, competency & integrity levels, drugs/drinks addiction, medical history including psychological disorders, temperamental issues and also verifies whether he has a harmonious life at home, without letting the person know that investigations are conducted on
him. Likewise, for corporates investing in, merging with, acquiring or giving product on credit to other organizations, Sleuths checks their market reputation, credibility, head count, profitability, vision, growth of its employees & clients and litigations (if any) against the company or its directors.

Sleuths is renowned for exposing employees who have been cheating/harassing their employers by taking bribe/commission from vendors, stealing physical & intellectual properties, running a parallel business and channelling company’s clients towards their own business, forming trade unions to harass management and black mailing by keeping company’s trade secrets as ransom. Sleuths not only derives information by utilizing various databases across India that other companies don’t have access to, but also conducts inquiry on the likes of office boys, drivers & maids who carry plentiful information about a person, unbeknownst to any one associated with him/her. If necessary, it follows the person 24x7, collects information using hi-tech spy devices and submits report with video/audio evidence.

Sleuths’ distinct senior management comprised of senior intelligent bureau, army & police officers hones its employees’ skills with on-job training. “We are passionately working towards our long-term mission of launching offices worldwide,” concludes a determined Naman Jain, Managing Director, Sleuths India, who chased his childhood dream of becoming a detective by completing the private investigative course from Sherlock’s homeland – London.