Sky Z Travel Solution: Aiding to the Growing Demand of Employee Transportation in Corporate Sector

Initiated with a motive to ease out the travelling hitches of corporate employees, the employee transportation industry quickly blossomed into a booming sector. Sought out by many leading corporate enterprises to deal effectively with cost reduction and time management, staff transportation also contributes to traffic reduction and pollution management. Apart from that, it also assures the safety of the employees, especially the female passengers, which is the prime concern nowadays. Addressing the growing need of the industry, SKY Z Travel Solution has emerged out as a leading professional transport rental service providing company that aims to cater to the needs of professional staff transportation for corporate sector. Established in 2005, SKY Z Travel Solution Pvt. Ltd. has been able to create its identity as a market leader in the employee transportation sector owing to its years of experience and technical know-how on rental transport services.

Talking about the budding days of the company, Basant Tomar, Director, SKY Z Travel Solution, states, "When I came to Delhi for the first time, I wanted to achieve some milestone in my life. Suddenly I thought of being a businessman. I already had some friends in this business, and it also felt right to commence further. In the early days of this company, it was very difficult to settle in the market. There were already many vendors in this field, and we did not get much work in our initial days as we were completely new in this domain. However, we did not give up and continue to work upon ourselves to reach our current position. The company that gave us our first work in the initial days was Concentrix Daksh." Presently, acknowledged and appreciated for a wide range of services, which includes corporate car rental, employee transportation, and BCP, SKY Z Travel Solution also offers transportation services to employees of all organizations irrespective of their business size and capital income.
Fostering long-term relationships with the clients by providing unmatched business in terms of services, customer support and strict compliance adherence, SKY Z Travel Solution is entertaining a huge client base with names such as IBM India, Concentrix Daksh Services, Cognizant Technologies, NTT Data Information Processing Service, NIIT Smart Serve, and NIIT Technologies decorating the list. Taking pride in its automated and manual processes that enable it to offer an end-to-end solution for the transportation needs of businesses across industry verticals, SKY Z Travel Solution is dedicated to making staff transportation services error-free and accurate by implementing modern techniques and futuristic solutions. As the safety and security of the employees hold the utmost priority for any transportation company, SKY Z Travel Solution ensures the well being of its clients by taking every possible preventive measure, including the background verification of drivers. Apart from ensuring that the vehicles are driven by only verified and trained drivers, the vehicles are also installed with GPS and GPRS devices that are useful for tracking the location of the employees for their optimum safety.

SKY Z Travel Solution is dedicated to making staff transportation services error-free and accurate by implementing modern techniques and futuristic solutions

Possessing all kinds of vehicles with a seating capacity from four individuals to fifty individuals operating in both the luxury and regular segments, SKY Z Travel Solution saves the companies from the hassles of investment in employee transport by making a separate budget on vehicle purchase and other operational expenses. Holding immense experience in the transportation sector, the company provides complete corporation transportation service with the assurance of pick and drop facility to the company's employees along with routing, roistering, planning, and fleet optimization. Talking about the future endeavors of the company, Basant quotes, "We want to improve our existing services and will focus on the overall up-gradation of our company. We are expecting that our company's turnover will be forty to fifty crores in a few months. We want to maintain this stabled growth rate of our company as the most reputed and a premier company in the market. We will also like to expand our work in PAN India level."