Servicecare: Core Professionals Ensuring 100 Percent Compliant Services

Shany Jalal,CEOEfficient Payroll Management Services plays a significant role in maintaining the morale of the employees and enhances employee experience and efficiency minimising time and effort.

However, processing of payroll is a time consuming and complex task. It can prove to be a pain-area for any Organization, especially for the enterprises that rely solely on their internal teams who may not be updated on the statutory compliances changing from time to time.

ServiceCare Offers a full-fledged payroll solution that reduces a Company's processing costs while ensuring accurate, streamlined and consistent execution of payroll and compliance needs.

Incorporated in the year 2011 at Bangalore, with the dedicated efforts from a small group of experts Servicecare was established to tackle the pain-point of Payroll Management. Since its incorporation in 2011, the company has been able to build long term trusting relationships with its clients through the team's determination and commitment towards excellence. Garnering enough confidence in the process, to grow and
become one of India's leading Service Provider in Payroll Management Services.

"At any point in time of our services, we do not have any dues. We also ensure that our services are compliant with every employee. Come what may, on that particular day, we make sure that it is done. We make sure that whatever benefits the employee should get, we are always above it", says Shany Jalal, citing the reasons behind their successful growth over the years.

Over the years Servicecare has been catering to various sectors as in the Aeronautical Industry, the Infrastructure Sector, IT Solution Segments and the Construction Sectors

Delivering Optimum Payroll Services to a Diversified Client Base
Servicecare works across three verticals- Facility Management Services, Payroll Management Services and Staffing & Recruitment Services. The Company's unique payroll service software and editing software are built in a very robust manner, having core expertise in processing entire payroll of an Organization's employees, a diversified range of people have been availing its Payroll Services ranging from large Consultants to Teachers. Over the years Servicecare has been catering to various sectors as in the Aeronautical Industry, the Infrastructure Sector, IT Solution Segments and the Construction Sectors. Since smaller companies are also on the hunt for smarter payroll services, Servicecare combined with the recruitment division has been able to pitch into all the markets where there has been demand. Servicecare has a comprehensive internal reconciliation process that ensures maximum accuracy with regard to deduction of taxes and remitting eTDS. It also ensures that clients stay on the right side of all statutory and legal requirements to remain 100% compliant.

Servicecare is always striving to keep itself updated as much as possible and is heavily adopting the latest cloud technologies to make the payroll services simplified and user friendly and to ensure greater transparency and flexibility in the entire payroll process. With a very good growth rate of 40 to 45 percent, the Company is expecting to take a greater share in the market by attaining a growth rate of 105 percent by 2021.