Securitas: The Most Trusted Background Verifier with Global Presence

Richa Arora,Senior VP & SBU Head

Richa Arora, Senior VP & SBU Head, Background Verification

Over the years, as per industry statistics candidates lies about their credentials on resumes. Such incidences have been plaguing the recruitment process for decades, causing companies to lose-out on significant revenue and time. Realizing the dire need and urgency in negating these incidences and striding long years of success, Securitas India (Walsons Services) began the Background Verification business in 2007 as a one-stop solution to all background verification necessities. It is compliant to all requisite global security standards and ensures robust & highly dependable Business Continuity Planning.

Securitas India is a part of Securitas Group that employs more than 3,45,000 employees world over in protective services. Securitas assists several corporate giants to reduce the risk of hiring employees with dubious backgrounds by verifying directly from the source. It’s this uniqueness that has enabled it to catch even alert culprits, including a senior employee with a fake degree of B school who was actually
a diploma holder, and a candidate who created a fake website and uploaded credentials to appear genuine. The company carries-out residential, academic, criminal record and employment verification services efficiently and accurately with quick turn-around time, via industry-leading web-based systems. Moreover, its AI expertise makes Securitas one of India’s most advanced technology-driven companies that is also considered a trusted background verification source for SMEs to Global Fortune 1000 companies.

"We look at the risk metrics associated with our customer and design customized Background Verification solutions accordingly"

Pre & Post Employment verification is its forte, along with services like vendor verification, insurance, medical certificates, self-background check, database services, exit interviews, discreet checks and more. Securitas deploys extensive background check programs and a leadership verification that goes beyond basic checks, extending to social media evaluation, credit-check and reference verification. Richa Arora, Senior VP & SBU Head, Securitas India affirms, “We look at the risk metrics associated with our customer and design customized Background Verification solutions accordingly”.

Services on the Platter of Technology
Utilizing the advantage of its national presence, Securitas’ extensive portfolio of services caters to B2B, B2C & B2G sectors, besides extending international
verification services from India. To render utmost proficiency, the company keeps on validating even its progressive approach towards employees, with regular internal training programs to keep them up-to-date and generate verifiers who are industry-ready to support clients invariably.

The company’s verification process is based on its exclusive online application – We Verify, a workflow automation tool that is built on web-technology boosting Securitas’ proficiencies. With its systems and processes supported by technology and high-security infrastructure, including the utilization of SSL & encryption technologies, Securitas aims at mitigating human capital risks with focus on retaining a lasting relationship with its clients.

Securitas Path of Success
Recognized as NSR Gold Partner, Securitas holds a prestigious presence in the industry with the success of carrying-out more than 30 lakh checks, and having served over 400 customers across diverse fronts. The Background Verification Business is anticipated to grow at an accelerated pace in the coming years and the company holds a global turnover of over $14 billion, while in India it is at Rs.1000 crore.

Spread across Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Noida, Pune and other cities, Securitas in India is undoubtedly the most authentic verification risk mitigation partner to the corporate world.