Sariga Initiatives: Striving to be a Change-Bringer in the HR Consulting and Outsourcing Industry

Geeta Goti,CEOEmployees are one of the most crucial factors that can determine the success of an organization and the importance of having the right employees who are in sync with the vision and objective of an organization can't be stressed enough in the modern ultra-competitive corporate realm. Getting qualified employees is one thing but making them work in an optimal manner for the success of the organization is a whole different ball game.

Helping businesses to solve their HR dilemmas is Sariga Initiatives. Sariga which translates to `Rightly Smart' in Sanskrit sums up what the company stands for in the HR consulting and outsourcing market. The name also reflects on the compliances, as well as audits on sustainability of business and HR consulting of Sariga Initiatives. The unwavering attitude of the company to offer best in class solutions to their clients has helped them to be a recognized name in the industry and create a niche in the market.

Sariga Initiatives was one of the early firms to evangelize work from home and the company has given major emphasis on making the work more flexible, proactive, sustainable and employee centric. "When we started, we looked at the fast-changing canvas of business and this helped us to revision the work in a newer form or making employees
more productive by creating offices to fulfil the need of comfortable work. That includes easy and friendly policies, approachable leadership and talent on demand, while at the same time keeping the regulatory compliances and labour laws well adhered to.

Our outsourcing and consulting business were well placed and ready to serve our clientele since January 2020 and what we thought of doing in the next 2 years was actually on a fast forward since March 2020 owing to the pandemic outbreak and the resulting lockdown. We believe that talent management with the cliché of being the right person for the right job and at right time will be re-placed by match the piece of work. Jobs will be in pieces and the right talent will get to work on a particular piece and then they will move on to another similar piece elsewhere. The gig work", avers, GeetaGoti, CEO, Sariga Initiatives. She is a well-known name in HR circles in India with a practice spanning over 30 plus years in varied functions and domains. She believes that India will lead others in HR practises that will pen down new theories and concepts in people management. It is no longer " hire to retire" rather "at will and on demand".

To cater to the demands of their clients, the company offers top-notch services including HR Consulting, Sustain-ability practices advisory, and Social Audits -Sariga Initiatives acknowledges that going forward sustaining the success of the business will be correlated to managing employees' aspirations without making any shortcuts in the compliance factors. The company's cross-functional knowledge and multi-sectorial exposure has also been a major catalyst that has fuelled their growth. The company also has a cumulative industry experience and expertise of decades and this coupled with their market wisdom and knowledge have helped Sariga Initiatives to not just create but also maintain an impressive clientele that includes companies operating in various industry verticals such as IT, pharmaceutical, fintech, and agriculture equipment to name a few.

Evolving with the changing dynamics of the corporate realm, Sariga Initiatives have been able to stay ahead of the curve by incorporating the latest technologies and innovations into their operations which has also helped them to constantly stay on top of their game. Looking ahead for a successful future, Sariga Initiatives has got big plans to lever-age their growth opportunities which are backed up by their eye for perfection and market knowledge. By continuing to offer world-class HR consulting and outsourcing services, the company is also aiming to be the flagbearer in the Indian HR consultancy sector and become an end to end solution provider for all their clients' HR dilemmas.