Sanketh Ramkrishnamurthy: Driving HR Excellence in the IT Industry

Sanketh Ramkrishnamurthy,   Head HRThe driving force behind the human capital of organizations, HR leaders play a pivotal role in shaping the success and growth of the IT industry. They hold the key to unlocking limitless potential by harnessing the power of talent. In this era of technological disruption, HR leaders are the strategic architects who build dynamic and diverse teams, fueling innovation and propelling organizations toward unprecedented success.

Sanketh Ramkrishnamurthy is one such exceptional HR leader in the IT industry, currently serving as the Head HR at Autorabit, a prominent organization at the fore front of technological innovation. With an unwavering passion for driving people-centric strategies and fostering a culture of growth, Sanketh brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role.

Under Sanketh's visionary leadership, Autorabit has witnessed remarkable advancements in talent acquisition, development, and retention. He is renowned for his ability to attract top-tier talent, align HR strategies with business objectives, and cultivate an engaging work environment that empowers employees to reach their full potential. His strategic mindset, combined with his deep understanding of the IT industry, enables him to develop and execute transformative HR initiatives that propel organizations toward sustained success.

Journey of Excellence
Sanketh Ramkrishnamurthy embarked on his professional journey in the field of Human Resources as a Recruiter, armed with a degree in Human Resource Management. His enthusiasm for utilizing his skills to find the
best talent for organizations was evident from the start. Sanketh quickly rose through the ranks, progressing to a Senior Recruiter position where he not only excelled in recruitment but also took on additional responsibilities such as designing and implementing recruitment strategies and providing training to hiring managers.

Sanketh’s strategic mindset, combined with his deep understanding of the IT industry, enables him to develop and execute transformative HR initiatives that propel organizations toward sustained success

Motivated by his passion for HR and his desire to contribute to organizational success, Sanketh set his sights on leadership roles. Through dedication and continuous learning, he eventually attained the position of Head of HR. As an HR leader at Autorabit, Sanketh shoulders various responsibilities such as talent acquisition, onboarding, employee engagement, performance management, employee relations, training and development, and HR strategy and planning. His adoption of business strategies, including building relationships, embracing technology, employing a data-driven approach, continuous learning, agile adaptability, and a collaborative approach, aim to foster a positive work environment, attract top talent, and contribute to Autorabit's success in the IT software development services sector.

“As an HR professional, it is crucial to remain proactive and adaptable in the face of market changes. The HR landscape is undergoing significant transformations that will shape the future of the field. By proactively adapting to market changes, prioritizing diversity and inclusion, embracing technology, and investing in continuous learning, HR professionals can position themselves as skilled and forward thinking contributors to the success of their organizations,” concludes Sanketh.

Sanketh Ramkrishnamurthy, Head HR
As an accomplished HR leader, Sanketh Ramkrishnamurthy brings a unique combination of skills, knowledge, and experience that enable him to lead HR initiatives effectively. His contributions to Autorabit's success exemplify his dedication to driving HR excellence and his commitment to the growth and development of IT organizations.

•Hobbies: Car, Sports, Travelling, Gambling, and Dancing

•Awards & Recognition:
•Recognition from the Government of Telangana at the 9th higher education & HR conclave
•Recognition from the Government of Rajasthan awarded with the certificate of excellence for exemplary contribution in the field of HR.