Rx Talent Management: A Confluence of Healthcare Professional and Recruiters

Deepak Chaudhari, HeadThe importance of healthcare cannot be overemphasized. Healthcare preparedness was put to the test during the pandemic. Healthcare startups, with their novel ideas such as tele consulting, provided much needed care during the pandemic. Nevertheless, the number of doctors, nurses, and healthcare facilities proved to be wholly inadequate. The private sector,which employed the majority of healthcare professionals, suffered from inadequacies such as poor service conditions, while recruitment agencies did not have the infrastructure to fill the void. Recruiting talented healthcare professionals became a daunting task. The healthcare segment needed a versatile, transparent, and user-friendly system that could make the recruitment process hasslefree. Rx Talent Management provided the ideal platform, both for the job aspirants and the recruiters, making the recruitment process effortless. Established in 2019, and headquartered in Nashik, Rx Talent is a specialized portal for healthcare professionals headed by Deepak Chaudhari.

An Exclusive Platform for an Elite Group
Rx Talent is an exclusive platform for job seekers and recruiters in the healthcare segment. The platform has a strong network of more than 115 hospitals across India. It has more than 135,000 registered applicants. More than 50 hospital recruiters are
associated with the platform and about 150 candidates have been placed. The list of placed candidates comprises 10 super-specialists, 35 specialists, and a size able number of nurses, technicians, operators, and allied staff. Several medical and nursing colleges have taken the lead in getting their students registered on the platform. This unique platform offers hundreds of clinical and nonclinical jobs, distributed across different regions. The platform also offers all type of Clinical & Non Clinical (Support Staff) positions.. Rx Talent does not charge the applicants for either registration or placement. The company’s novel sourcing techniques minimize the cost of recruitment and attract the best talent from all over.

Rx Talent’s platform is sector-specific and thereby offers additional opportunities to the applicants

The pandemic exhorted the healthcare sector to leverage technologies and introduce novel services to comply with Covid protocol. This resulted in the phenomenal expansion of the segment, making it one of the largest segments in terms of employment and revenue. Rx Talent participated in the transformation by sourcing the best talent to meet the increased demand for healthcare professionals. The company has also lent significant support to the digital initiatives of the government such as the National Health Digital Mission (NDHM). Rx Talent is consistently active on social media, where job seekers, recruiters, and marketing professionals actively scout for opportunities.

In India, there are several placements /Job portals, catering to multiple segments. This has resulted in reduced attention to specific sectors. Rx Talent’s platform is sector-specific and thereby offers additional opportunities to the applicants. A strong network, innovative sourcing techniques, and greater operational transparency are the strengths and USP of the company.

With consistent efforts, RX Talent Management aims to become a world-class recruitment platform. The company plans to deli ver the benefits of skill development initiatives and apprenticeship training programs to the healthcare sector through the National Apprenticeship Promotions Scheme (NAPS). The company plans to obtain ISO certification during the current year. It plans to expand its consultant network to major cities of the country shortly. The company also plans to include other healthcare segments such as pharmaceuticals and healthcare equipment manufacturers on its platform in the future. Expanding its horizon, Rx Talent plans to target overseas opportunities by 2025.