RiteWay Career Solutions: Steering Individuals towards Triumph

Dr. Jagadish Kundu, Founder & Chief Career Coach

Dr. Jagadish Kundu

Founder & Chief Career Coach

Ashish, a brilliant student who scored 98 percent in the 10th board examination, wanted to pursue commerce in higher secondary education, as he had a keen interest in arithmetic, elementary algebra, statistics, and probability. But he ended-up joining science having succumbed to peer and societal pressure. After a certain period of time, Ashish realized that he has chosen the wrong stream for himself; but by then, there was no going back. This is the case for most of the children in India. They generally take the decision with a puzzled and ambiguous mind and end-up selecting a wrong stream, thereby opening the door to worst consequences in the long term career prospects.

Here is where career counseling/coaching comes into the light, which helps students by providing clarity on their future roadmap, thus saving them from the dilemma and reducing stress while leading to the path of growth and happiness. Offering the best career guidance & counseling to the students in an accurate and unique way is RiteWay Career Solutions, a Kolkata-based career counseling firm.

Dedicated Solutions
Established in 2017, RiteWay is a multi-dimensional career counseling & coaching company that excels at providing right guidance at the right stage of life, from school to college, college to corporate, and till retirement. “We believe that happiness is
the key to success. Hence, we set-up right career path that leads to the happiest possible life for the individual and coach them all along the journey,” avers Dr.Jagadish Kundu, Founder & Chief Career Coach, RiteWay Career Solutions.

We believe that happiness is the key to success; hence, we set-up right career path that leads to the happiest possible life for the individual and coach them all along the journey

A successful corporate executive and a great leader with an experience of 26 years in IT industry, also a certified career coach & counsellor, Dr. Jagadish has grown RiteWay as a holistic career development firm providing a gamut of services. This includes psychometric tests, different segments of counseling for class 8-10 and class 11-12, programs for schools (for students, parent, and teachers), career guidance for college students, and career counselling & coaching for working professionals. Additionally, RiteWay also nurtures its clients with building an overall profile through field trips, apprenticeship, additional training/certifications and most of all, continuous motivation & mentoring.

Force behind the Success
Backed with a unique consulting methodology, RiteWay scientifically analyzes its clients’ inherent aptitude, personality types, interest, and socio-economic conditions, and leverages technology to match the best career opportunities using AI and Data Analytics. In addition to better career decisions and career planning, RiteWay instils strong self-confidence and self-actualization through personalized career coaching. All of these are possible because of the engagement of domain experts and dynamic counselors who are certified on career counseling as well as career coaching from reputed organizations. From helping students unleash their unique potential to mitigating the fear of failure & rejection and making parents understand the actual scenario through some amount of coaching, RiteWay’s counselors take care of everything. “While we motivate individuals to reach their dream, we make them and their parents realize the ground realities and the effort needed to reach their goals. Setting the right expectations helps them achieve the right goals and be happy,” states Dr. Jagadish.

With such dedicated services, RiteWay has etched a name for itself as a reliable organization in the career counselling sector. Apart from continuing the good work, in the coming future, the firm aims to train/equip teachers in remote areas to fulfil the acute shortage of counselors.