Right Advisors: Smart Picking the Right Candidate Beyond all Geographical Boundaries

Himanshu Bansal,Managing Director

Himanshu Bansal

Managing Director

Times have changed. Today, the organizations that outsource their HR function never settle for mere vendors. They entail HR ‘partners’ who could not only decipher the skill gap, but also align with their vision, culture & brand persona, recruit ideal fits regardless of geographical barriers and well on time, and eventually take part in their growth process itself. This is precisely what Right Advisors a Delhi/NCR based HR services organization brings to the table.

Right Advisors (partner of Glasford International, a Netherland based global organization having offices in over 30 countries) banks on its deep industry knowledge to understand the client’s needs, and leverages its deep global network & contacts to handpick a candidate of any nationality and place him/her in any country, before going that extra mile to assess the candidates’ technical skills & behavioral patterns. Hence, the company ascertains that a candidate is pertinent enough to embrace the client’s culture and represent their brand. Offering the entire spectrum of services under one roof, ranging from Leadership/Niche hiring to bulk hiring through RPO, Retained Executive Search & Recruitment services imbued with market intelligence and extending its commitments to the candidates till postjoining further make it an undeniable proposition for the clients.

Having the Same Vision
“We always strive to fit ourselves in their (clients) shoes and see from their eyes to
identify the relevant & effective solutions. The deep comprehension of the client’s business & ecosystem, including their competition, combines with our ability to work across levels, industries & geographies gives us an edge over the competition,” asserts Himanshu Bansal, Managing Director, Right Advisors. Constantly walking the talk, the company has well established its brand with a persona of delivering the right talent at the right time. Being positioned as an SME comprising of a handpicked passionate team further compliments the brand’s reputation, enabling it to offer personalized services in an utmost professional manner. He adds, “Introducing newer services as per the ever changing needs of our clients has also been a significant part of our success and year-on-year growth”.

We always strive to fit ourselves in their(clients)shoes and see from their eyes to identify the relevant & effective solutions

According to a recent global survey, around 60 percent of employees plan to switch their jobs in 2019. The HR market is going to be more challenging than a European football’s summer transfer window for HR functions/companies. Since the speed to ensure the timely delivery plays a pivotal role, Right Advisors deploys cutting edge technologies. This enables the company to stay ahead of the curve with exceptional delivery speed, accuracy and value for money proposition.

We are talking about a whole new world of futuristic technologies, including a strong AI powered search engine, which is attached to its Database (among several other databases), VR based Psychometric & Behavioral Analysis tools, multilayered data security, and much more. Moreover, ISO certified Right Advisors is second to none in ensuring the quality and often sets benchmarks. Himanshu elucidates, “In addition to having Technical Experts who ensure that only the most relevant candidates reach the client, we use the Maker & Checker concept to ensure quality.”

A Well Built Team
A significant amount of credit goes to the way the technical experts and other inhouse consultants are groomed and trained. Starting right from induction, Right Advisors ensures that its employees undergo constant learning, including inhouse training modules, client visits & meetings, external trainings to name a few. The carefully built flexible & an open work culture bestows them an ideal environment to self learn as well. “We have blended culture, encouraging our employees to work hard and party hard. We truly believe in empowering our team and that brings the best out of them. That’s why they do some magical work,” concludes Himanshu.