RH Factor Corporate Solutions: Transformational Approach to HR Interventions with Psychometric Assessment

 Capt. Rahul Sharma,   Founder, CEO & CHRO

Capt. Rahul Sharma

Founder, CEO & CHRO

The global HR advisory market is expected to escalate from a worth of $81.45 billion in 2021 to $87.32 billion in 2022 at a CAGR of 7.2 percent, as per a study report by The Business Research Company. The need for more structured and improved HR function in order to enable a constructive organization development is a major driving factor behind the growth in this space. Likewise in India, due to operational changes across several industries and the complexities posed by them, corporates are emphasizing on reforming HR processes in order to enhance productivity of their organization and strengthen the foundation of business.

This is where RH Factor Corporate Solutions has come up with a revolutionary approach towards a more appropriate HR recruiting and organization development system with psychometric assessment programs that are more beneficial to determine a candidate's or an employee's potential than conventional recruitment procedure as interview.

RH Factor CSPL offers a comprehensive spectrum of HR solutions including HR consulting, psychometric assessments, recruitment solutions and various evaluations and training programs to corporate to upscale the efficiency of their current employees. RH Factor provides their multifarious consulting assistance to NGOs and educational institutes as well. Started
out in 2014, the company explores various ways of HR interventions through psychometric instruments under the guidance of Capt. Rahul Sharma who is an ex-Indian Army officer with more than 30 years of experience as Head of the Department & Country Head HR, Group HR Head and CHRO for large sized Indian enterprises and MNCs.

Wide Array of Services
RH Factor's HR solutions are divided in three broad categories comprising Transactional & Transformational HR services and Employee Engagement Services. The Transformational HR Services comprise organizational development, PMS-KRA setting, building HR infrastructure for startups and MSMEs, change management, competency mapping and modifying HR strategy and vision of the business. The Transactional HR Services encompass responsibilities like payroll management, HR management, automation & audit, designing learning & development plan and several other functions. Their Employee Engagement services revolve around EE Surveys, training & development, counselling services, motivational seminars, team building activities and grievance management system. RH Factor's psychometric system of personality assessment focuses on discovering the untapped potential of an individual and their capabilities in order to streamline them in a professional setting where they can flourish and benefit the organization.

Capt. Rahul Sharma, Founder of RH Factor CSPL adds, "We focus more on Retaining existing employees rather than hiring new employees. Retention is based on their skill sets and improving them through training and development programs enabled by psychometrics. The central idea behind RH Factor was to development method to stress on employee retention to ease the hassle of frequent hiring and reducing cost against large scale recruiting".

Future Endeavours
Besides Corporates and MSME sector, RH Factor is also planning to reach out to educational institutions and design psychometric tests for students that can be performed outside classrooms. The idea is to aid the students in making right career choices. "Our goal for the upcoming years is to expand all over the country in order to collaborate with schools and colleges so that we can create a robust career-counselling infrastructure for students through psychometric programs. As geographical location is not a constraint for us we can deliver our services from Mumbai to anywhere in India. We are planning to set up our physical offices in the future as well. So our future focus will more on education sector and large companies alongside MSMEs", Capt. Rahul further adds.