Regatta Consultancy Services: Setting a New Benchmark for Quality & Consistency in the HR Domain

Vrishali Mulay,Founder & Director

Vrishali Mulay

Founder & Director

India is the fifth largest staffing market in the world. According to the Indian Staffing Federation, for more than 39 percent employers, recognizing and attracting quality talent is one of the most challenging aspects. The rationale behind this is no rocket science; more than 90 percent of the jobs in the country are skill-based, when only two percent of the population have the required skill. When it comes to executive hiring, the equation becomes even more drastic. While this poses a tough challenge for the industry, the mushrooming hiring companies that fish from the outrage of social media and job portals add to the woes, thus leading to consistency and quality being tossed-up.

Setting a benchmark for quality and consistency in the industry by going beyond the common job portals is Thane-based HR services provider, Regatta Consultancy Services, that offers HR Services comprising of recruitment/placement services, manpower requirement/staffing, executive consulting, and payroll management with statutory compliance. Regatta goes beyond the job portals & social media to bank on its own methodologies and internal database to recruit talent. The internal references as well as the references by the talents also help
the company maintain a robust pool of talent. While these channels mostly help in executive and experienced professionals hiring, the company's web portal, continuous participation in job fests, and campus recruitments aid in having a pool of fresh talent.

No Square Pegs in Round Holes
"We are passionate about finding the talent that fits the requirements and hence we never compromise on quality. For the same reason, we never try to fit a square peg in a round hole. That's why we have never been requested to replace a candidate till now," asserts Vrishali Mulay, Founder & Director, Regatta Consultancy Services.

When it comes to executive hiring, matching the expectations is a herculean challenge. But Regatta mitigates that challenge to an appreciable extent by being a completely transparent middle joint. The company gets the job-requirements from its clients in a definitive written format with meticulous details of the job, including even the highest possible salary and targets & incentives. This helps it manifest a strictly realistic idea about the job as well as ascertaining that the executive candidates make realistic demands. Furthermore, even if the candidates make unrealistic demands, Regatta makes sure that it discards the profile in the first round itself, which indeed is conducted by the firm itself. In the process, Regatta promises data privacy and security to the candidates, She adds, "Complementing that approach is our stringent post-recruitment follow-up, feedback and weekly internal review & audit systems. For some of our clients who have worked with us for the past five years, we have our own automated dashboard wherein the process flow occurs".

Ahead of the Curve
"In today's fast moving world, showing candidates a clear future growth trajectory is one of the predominant aspects of hiring. While some of our clients act upon this need of the hour, some of them are really not quite there. We genuinely help them by simultaneously acting as an HR consulting, outsourcing & training company. We help them engender growth plans for candidates and create novel HR policies," adds Vrishali. When the world presses its resume button after the Covid-19 pandemic, this seven-year old company is all set to launch a career guidance program for students to develop talent in the right direction and a career development program for professionals, using tools like Psychometric Testing and SWOT analysis.