Refcheck: Refcheck Xperts is the name to rely on, when it comes to verification

Amit Rampal,Business Partner

Amit Rampal

Business Partner

Verification is not just about verifying documents but also about sourcing the right potential of knowledge and skills. One right recruit can be a priceless asset or, one wrong recruit can ruin the whole image. It may not be merely for the sake of checking the prospect's integrity, but it is a duty to fulfill keeping in view the national security in these times. More and more companies are realising the need, and it is no wonder the growth predicted by CAGR for the global verification industry is 9.2% YoY from 4.95 USD billion in 2020 to 9.92 USD billion market by 2028.

As more and more industries are directly in touch with their end users, at more and more touchpoints, it has become critical for the companies to place their best and verified employees with no criminal records to face their customers. Close to 96% of employers voluntarily carry out the background screening of employees to minimize misrepresentations and avoid bad hires'that can cost the companies a big deal of money time, and image in the long run.

For governments to adapt themselves to the radically changing hiring paradigm and design regulations to institutionalise for the safety of the citizens and for an organisation to keep a hawk eye approach while reinventing their background verification program, it is the need of the hour. From blue collars fleet working down on the manufacturing belt to a taxi driver driving a girl home late at night or a senior management level executive of an MNC or a manager at any family owned business trusting employees at their face value
without verification is a dangerous risk which can cost high. Warren Buffet said, "when looking for people to hire, look for three qualities, integrity, intelligence, and energy. If they do not meet the first one, the other two will kill you. It is claimed that 58% of employees have their resume misrepresent their professional background, qualifications, the educational institutions they graduated with, salary or their court records etc.

One wrong recruit can cost a company an image

Refcheck Experts, an ISO-certified company, is one of the most promising background verification organisations, known for their authenticity, ethical approach, and cost effectiveness for the last more than eight years. They are experts in all the parameters related to background and reference verification, employment history, national and international criminal records, address, discreet references, drug test, personal ids, pre and post employment screening, CIBIL, etc.

The Refcheck have been instrumental in successfully educating companies on the importance of verification. Gradually, it is gaining momentum. But still, it is not at the level it ought to be. Under the robust IT rules of data privacy, Recheck have VAPT certified CRM and Network, coupled with on ground IT protocols to safeguard the data theft for the clients. As a member of NASSCOM for more than five years, with more than 200+ clients, with a whopping 98% client retention track record and 75% of the clients with sole verification partner, from e-commerce to premium call centers, consumer durables to manufacturing units Telecom to retail, StartUp to unicorns, Banking to insurances to name the industry they have been associated with and managing their diverse needs of employee verification. Whether outsourcing or handing over the complete process ownership, Refcheck is the name that stands out amongst its competitors.

Rajan Dutta, Founder & Managing Partner
Today, when a verification process has too many shortcuts to deliver, one of the prime reasons Refcheck is known for its ethical approach to the process. Work ethics are so deep rooted at Refcheck that not a single check has been questioned by any of their clients so far. Refcheck is a boutique company that partners with its clients to help them customise end-to-end verifications and be a part of their journey to success.