RCD HR Consulting: Boutique HR Solutions Based on Functional Experience

Ravi C Dasgupta,Founder & Executive Coach

Ravi C Dasgupta

Founder & Executive Coach

RCD HR Consulting is an HR Consulting Company established in 2015, after 25 successful years in corporate HR. It is the founders experience as a Functional Head and Senior Leader that has guided him to be a successful Executive Coach. As a coach, Ravi has worked with senior business leaders across functions and industry verticals like Banking, Pharmaceuticals, IT Product companies, FMCG and more.

Explaining more about the company Ravi C Dasgupta, Founder and Executive Coach says, "The Company name is a play on my initials, and also stands for Research, Consulting and Development. I have teamed up with associates whose abundant knowledge and wide organizational experience complements my own. Our consulting suggestions are not based merely on theoretic constructs, but rather on pragmatic and time tested methods that have worked well in the past when applied in practical organizational situations."

RCD HR Consulting specialises in Executive Coaching and Career Transition Coaching. Executive coaching is largely focused on developing ones leadership capabilities and sharpening their executive presence. The Executive Coaching clients are mostly company sponsored. Some of them feel they have some behavioural quirks that need to be sorted out, while others are unsure of how best to show-case their skills and talent.
The end goal is to groom them for C-Suite roles. Career transition coaching, on the other hand, deals with a separate set of individuals who no longer find satisfaction in what they do for a living and feel an urgent need for some course correction or even a clean break from what they are doing. At times they have an idea of what they might want to do instead. Others only know that they are no longer satisfied with their line of work, and have no idea what they would rather be doing. The coach helps them to reconnect with what they are most passionate about, and identify where their key strengths lie, as well as how to leverage them.

The company stands out as its executive coaching is founded on a firm base of the founder having being in board rooms and having a complete understanding of the space in which a senior executive operates. The pressures, pulls and pushes our clients need to contend with on an everyday basis, while trying to use their influence to get things done is something we are totally familiar with.

Having "been there and done that" in our time; we are able to share relevant examples from our own executive journey in order to help clients decide on the kinds of actions they would like take, and help them think through the likely consequences of proposed actions.

RCD HR consulting is a boutique consulting company offering customized solutions to its clients at an attractive price point. Finding solutions for pressing business and people issues keeps the company charged up and motivated

Importantly, because the company is owner operated, clients are guaranteed the personal attention of the founder himself.

"RCD HR Consulting has worked with clients Hyderabad, Mumbai, Gurgaon and Kolkata in addition to Bangalore. Recently I have begun coaching a new client who is a CFO in New York and aspires to become a CEO some day. Expanding our customer base organically and broadening the scope of our service offerings are a few aspects that we are focused on doing.

During the time of the pandemic, we are looking at coming up with novel service offerings for our clients. We would also soon be introducing some B2C offerings which can be delivered virtually, helping us to tap into retail skill development opportunities during the work from home environment that is likely to continue for some time," concludes Ravi.