Qwazent Health Search: Shouldering Indian Healthcare Realm to a Full-fledged Executive Search Model

Dr. Shruti Nath,  Mentor & Director

Dr. Shruti Nath, Mentor & Director

Ongoing changes and technological advancements in the world of healthcare have resulted in a complete transformation of how the industry operates, treats its customers, hires, and manages people. With these advancements, demand for new and more advanced skills has also increased. To be able to keep-up with the new trends and provide utmost competence, the healthcare industry is in dire need of highly-qualified healthcare professionals. This alarming crisis has encouraged public and private sector health care leaders to advocate for novel & creative healthcare recruitment strategies to attract and retain the skilled workforce in the healthcare industry. Catering to this need of the hour is a Gurgaon-based firm operated entirely by women professionals – Qwazent Health Search, which exclusively focuses on Executive Search for Healthcare industry.

Qwazent provides executive search solutions for the entire spectrum of Healthcare industry, including Healthcare Delivery System Diagnostics, Pharmaceutical, Medical Technology, and other allied Healthcare service companies. Over the years, it has
become one of the preferred partners for managing the talent needs of Healthcare organizations in not only domestic markets, but internationally too.

"Qwazentrelies on experience, proven methodologies, and the knowledge of its expert research team to recruit top line executives and leaders"

Finding the Right Combination
The healthcare segment faces several challenges today, making the search for right talent even tougher. Qwazent successfully sources and places right talent and leadership in the mainstream healthcare demand. The company relies on experience, proven methodologies, and the knowledge of its expert research team to recruit top line executives and leaders, ensuring that the recruited leaders are known to inspire passion & drive quality, and are the beacons of change.

Qwazent undergoes Qualitative assessments tofind the right match with its consulting expertise, complemented by research-validated methodologies to provide the clients superior returns. It also engages proven strategiesfor consistent engagement with candidates and clients, in addition to using referrals effectively to source candidates, leading to higher levels of trust with clients. The technological outreach comprises sourcing and selecting the closest ‘match’ to the clients’ needs, ensuring that the hiring personnel doesn’t invest prolonged time in Leadership Hiring, Functional & Management Hiring, Medical & Technical Hiring, and Midlevel Hiring, while making better quality decisions each time.
Additionally, Qwazent also provides Cross Border Search that boasts of robust & exclusive International Healthcare Alliances and strong in-house research & consultation expertise, enabling clients to find inclusive talent with diversity. Even the Background Verification is accurately projected towards an absolute trust building. “As a healthcare dedicated executive search firm run by only females, we believe that we can change the industry paradigm of matching aspirations and skill set keeping the interest of talent and clients alike,” asserts Dr. Shruti Nath, Mentor & Director, Qwazent Health Search.

The Vision Ahead
Qwazent holds a vision to transform the healthcare executive search landscape and touch the lives of clients and candidates by providing top value. Of late, it has setup a greenfield project in Uzbekistan for one of the largest conglomerates in Central Asia, which was the first-of-its-kind Healthcare Delivery System in the CIS region. “From CEO & management layer to the operational staffs, we recruited the entire fleet for them within the stipulated time period,” elucidates Deepali Jetley, Managing Partner, Qwazent. With such exciting phase of healthcare talent acquisition, Qwazent has been bringing about significant contribution in healthcare organizations, which can be fathomed by the fact that it has managed to place around 100 Healthcare professionals in about 14 organizations and has successfully closed over 30 CXO positions and leaders – managing to achieve significant results within a short span of time.