Qjobs: Recruitment App For Blue & Grey Collar Workforce

Vignesh Rengasamy,  Chief Product & Tech Officer

Vignesh Rengasamy

Chief Product & Tech Officer

While many job portals like Naukri, Monster etc. catering to the employability of white collar workers exist, the same cannot be said about blue and grey collar workers. Blue and grey collar workers are the backbones of sectors like construction, e-commerce, retail, BFSI, manufacturing, transport & logistics, and security & facility management . In India, out of 500 million workforce, an estimated 170 million is digital active blue and grey collar workforce.. With economy expansion, increasing digitization, government’s focus on Production Linked Incentives (PLI) schemes in manufacturing, and labor law reforms, digital active blue and grey collar workforce is expected to reach 243 million in 2026. Consequently, this geographically scattered and unorganized workforce faces challenges as there is no single unifying platform that can efficiently address their employability issues.

Solving for Employability of Blue and Grey Collar Workforce
To solve this ever-growing problem Billion Careers Pvt Ltd(a subsidiary of Quess Corp), launched Qjobs with an aim to address the issues of job creation, job discover ability, and job matching for blue and grey collar workers, companies & recruiters. "We provide a complete solution that allows employers to find the pre-screened and skilled talent while allowing job seekers to showcase their skills, learn new skills, and find employment closer to their location with verified employers. We have developed Qjobs in the last two years and this recruitment portal is completely different from other solutions that exist in the market. In India, the blue and grey workforce is a very large segment, and Qjobs is completely focused on enabling employment
and skilling to this segment.” ", says Ajay Kumar Singh, Chief Business Officer, Billion Careers.

Since its inception, 5 million job seekers have signed up on the Qjobs app to find employment across India and over 3 million job seekers have upskilled themselves through micro-learning. Additionally, over 10,000 large and mid-size companies in India have posted over 2 million job vacancies on the app. Further, the app also has advanced matching capabilities which in addition to helping a job seeker discover the right job at the right time, provides provisions for creating a digital profile called ‘Job passports’ which can be updated with the job seeker’s skills in certain domains, from sales proficiency to advanced English.

Currently, Billion Careers, has two additional products which are worQ, a workforce management application, and Dash, which is its blue & grey collar benefits and engagement application.

Moreover Qjobs also offers additional features that include resume building certification modules as well upskilling courses thus developing a long term career trajectory for the job seekers. The candidate and recruiter monthly interactions on Qjobs have exceeded 1.6 million in the form of applications and interviews.

Ajay Kumar Singh, Chief Business Officer

Technology to create seamless experience
The Qjobs app was built with simplicity in mind and is fully mobile with multilingual capabilities, currently available in five languages Hindi, English, Tamil, Kannada, and Telugu. The app uses AI-powered matching engine to match the right jobs to candidates based on geo-proximity, skills, education, experience and multiple other factors. Qjobs app further simplifies the recruitment process by automatically screening the candidates as recruiters often do not have the time to reach out to a massive number of job seekers. The Qjobs app, in this case, collects important relevant documents and ensures that candidates are pre-validated making the background verification easier for recruiters. All of this translates into a high placement ratio of about 15%. "With leading employers, placement ratio goes over 25 percent", says, Vignesh Rengasamy, Chief Product & Tech Officer, Billion Careers.