Psychometrica: Providing Psychometric Tests to Support you Along your People Management Journey

Anuradha Satyanarayana,   Counseling Psychologist

Anuradha Satyanarayana

Counseling Psychologist

Psychometric testing and assessment are considered crucial tools in the HR professional’s toolbox, particularly during recruitment when candidates undergo an offline or online competency and psychometric test. These assessments help companies find candidates with the knowledge, traits, skills, and values & attitudes to integrate into their culture. Thus, recruiting decisions are devoid of bias and based solely on data science. Amongst the mind-boggling numbers of psychometric testing and assessment companies, Psychometrica an indigenous psychometric assessment platform is a name worth mentioning.

The decade-old company has devised trustworthy, reliable, and consistent assessments to aid in holistically screening candidates. The company offers psychometric tests to guide you along every step of your people management journey: from recruiting people that fit in best with your requirements, helping you retain and groom your talent, minimize attrition, identify training and development needs, and choose the best ones for higher roles, and so on. It has always provided its services with a human touch. Psychometrica has an experienced and trained team of psychologists who have developed a range of psychometric tests normed on Global population but are culture fair.

The company offers a one-on-one report, debrief, and transformational growth plan to various companies. The detailed reports
provide in depth insights into your employees, enabling you to understand what makes each tick and how to get the best out of them. “We have cemented our position in the industry since 2011.Our tests are used for recruitment, appraisals, and personalized programs. We work closely with several companies, and they place a lot of trust in our assessments. We try to understand the company’s culture and put that perspective on during the debrief. Our reports are simple to understand,” says Anuradha Satyanarayana, Counseling Psychologist, Psychometrica.

Bespoke Psychometric Tests
Psychometrica leverages its experience in delivering five bespoke psychometric tests, including the Managerial Skills Profiler (MSP), Personality Test, Cognitive Test, Integrity Test, and Sales Skills & Personality Profiler(SSaPP). MSP is a psychometric instrument that helps you profile an employee’s skills about the ability to perform a managerial role. The Personality Test is designed especially for the middle to senior management hierarchy. MindFrames, a personality test, gives you valuable insight into ten personality factors by providing information about how these impact an individual’s performance on the job. The Cognitive Test measures general cognitive ability to help employers make a definitive decision while hiring and selecting the best person. The Integrity Test is one of the few psychometric tests in the market that measure the integrity of employees and potential employees. SSaPP is a tool designed to gain insights into every salesperson’s unique profile. It is a comprehensive instrument that profiles the individual on various personality traits, behaviors, and aptitudes critical for success in the area of sales.

The company’s seafarer test one of its flagship tests includes a personality assessment and a mental health screening. This test is for cadets and recruits in the marine and maritime industries. Getting a personality assessment done and having a one-on-one debrief with the senior management team, with the focus of the debrief being on the candidate’s areas of strength, was the recently completed program for a prominent organization. This program was successful and had a lot of positive feedback. Forging ahead with several other plans in the pipeline, Psychometrica envisions coaching and personalized mentorship programs.