Psalm: Crafting Ethical Associations with High Caliber Solutions




An HR consultant is more than just an information provider. It is a marketing organization representing its client, who should remain transparent. This is extremely tricky, because transparent marketing can be termed as an oxymoron in itself. Nevertheless, that’s precisely how Psalm Consulting defines itself. Buttressed by the pillars of transparency and ethics, this Varanasi-headquartered HR consultation company acts as a catalyst in creating ethical associations with high focus on delivering quality to clients. Its stark focus on Healthcare sector enables it to ultimately create recruiter competence and gives it an edge in delivering timely services, which endows its clients with significant RoI. Psalm’s experience comes in handy during real-time intervention, wherein it anticipates a problem and develops a solution before it hits.

Having invested more than 20 years at the other side of the table handling consultants of all hues, Ravi Kant Tripathi (Founder, Chairman&Managing Director) noticed a common thread which bonded many of them – the lack of concern for the client organization’s objective. Hence, when the entrepreneurial bug bit him, he determined to transform this gap into a profitable business proposition. Thus Psalm came into existence in 2012. This client-centric strategy not only helped Ravi to build a reasonably large clientele in the hospital, medical colleges & diagnostic centre arenas, but also helped the company to grow more than thirty times in the past six years. “In the two years, we were in red and from third year onwards we’re continuously in black and expect to grow at the same or higher pace,” adds Ravi.

High-Caliber Solutions
Any new assignment is a risk taken both by the employer & the candidate, and is filled with pleasant & unpleasant surprises. By bringing out reasonable amount of clarity on client’s HR policies, candidate’s role and the dos & don’ts of both sides, Psalm minimizes unpleasant surprises and increases client & candidate satisfaction, while keeping its reputation on the right track. To tackle the time vs quality conflict
at corporates that are hard pressed for time, Psalm removes its eyes from its revenue and instils the focus on candidates’ quality in client’s minds.

Psalm’s vast commercial acumen adds value to the candidate’s decision making and helps in reaching accurate conclusion regarding the best available deal within the given constraints

While tailor made HR services are a part of its high value recruitments, the real value of its tailor-made solutions unfolds after six months or a bit more, depending on the complexity and reach of the client organization. After 5-6 recruitment cycles, the invisible variables hindering the process becomes clear.After an year of association, the cost that clients pay Psalm becomes negative and their valuable management time is saved due to the company’s clear understanding of clients’ needs (hard & soft skills) and helps in completing 90 percent of the recruitment process at its end.

Though the replacement period varies depending on the assignment’s complexity and candidate’s ability, the company leverages its experience to pin point the most suitable replacement period for its client.It offers placement consultancy services for campus recruitment drives, internships & joint campus recruitment. Psalm’s Staffing solutionis a third party manpower solution provided to organizations who need manpower on project basis or seek manpower without associated hassles of keeping a direct employee, whereas clients bear the recurring cost, while Psalm manages the payroll, legal and all administrative issues.Psalm’s vast commercial acumen adds value to the candidate’s decision making and helps in reaching accurate conclusion regarding the best available deal within the given constraints. This is turn, creates satisfaction and ensures that both parties get associated for long term without any unpleasant surprises.

To mitigate post-employment issues and help boost productivity & effectiveness at its clients’ organizations, Psalm offers motivational sessions, task & goal orientation exercises and problem solving sessions among others. It practices reducing interaction with the candidates post joining, reduced interaction of candidate
with PSALM facilitates a smoother transition and engenders maximum interaction between candidate & employee, however Psalm ensures a bit of hand holding too.

In the area of Education consulting PSALM finds its role as an objective information provider, due to various rulings and lack of clear regulations in education sector, there are unscrupulous elements who dupe students with misinformation, which leads to loss of valuable time and money of parents and the students. Hence, Psalm professionally guides the students with objective information and analysis, through available tools to ensure that he/she gets best option within the given constraints.

Cultivating the Seeds of Innovation
Incremental changes every moment’being a key feature of PSALM’s management style, this mature small organization’s size allows it to remain nimble and rectify errors at a small cost. Continuously monitoring the competition and frequently re-engineering it self, spurs innovation at Psalm and enables it to remain as an attractive destination for organizations seeking recruitment solutions.At Psalm, its directors/CMDs rarely propose anything, Its the team which proposes, have their own brain storming sessions and choses the best possible options for execution. This openness plays a major role in keeping attrition at bay within the organization. Extremely open in its communications & concerns with its employees, Psalm reserves specific days for two-way communications & solving problems.

Currently present in North, West, East & South zones, the company that derives 80 percent of its revenue from healthcare sector aims to intensify & deepen its market penetration. Hence,for expansion,it is exploring available avenues to raise funds. Having achieved a minimum critical mass required for a takeoff. Over the next couple of years, Psalm intends to grow through franchisee model (where true growth lies) and emerge as one of the top players in this field.

Key Management:

Ravi Kant Tripathi, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director
Ravi is a science graduate with Management degree from IMS, BHU. He has invested more than 20 years in India & abroad with some of the top corporates. He is a startup expert with leadership roles in high value recruitment & team building.

Offices: Varanasi