Prufens Advisory: Solving Some of the Toughest HR Challenges Seamlessly

Rishita Das & V Jayalakshmi ,Co-FoundersEmployees are the most tangible asset of any organization. Hence, running an efficient background verification check becomes a critical step to ensure the credibility of the employees. Hiring without conducting a thorough employee background verification increases organizations’ risk index. Employee background verification is a tedious task as it requires a great eye to detect minor details. Merely depending on the computer data sets is not enough, and HRs need to have a clear conscience to separate credible facts from misinformation. The entire verification process needs to have a delicate balance between human intervention and computer intelligence to paint the most accurate picture of the employees.

Established in 2019, Prufens Advisory was founded to tackle some of the profound challenges that HRs from small to big companies alike, face in India. The company is the backed by IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi alumni, with over a decade of experience in Background Verification, People Advisory, Audit & Compliance Industries. With experience comes deep knowledge, and Prufens Advisory’s core team infuses a deep understanding of security and elimination of prospective threats within an organization with an informed sense of innovation and elevation, making the background verification process a seamless endeavor. The experts at Prufens Advisory handholds its clients in solving some of the pressing issues regarding employee verification through its four major operational verticals of People Advisory, Employee background verification, Digitization, and Automated employee onboarding services. In Prufens Advisory, clients get a complete and sustainable ecosystem to effectively, digitally, and efficiently perform their HR operations.
A Perfect Blend of Technology & Experience
At Prufens, each and every verification application goes under intense quality check before a final report on the employees is produced. Prufens Advisory’s inhouse developed one stop technology platform PruTech navigates through all the roadblocks of the background verification process by executing all types of verifications, compilation, and report generation at unmatchable turnaround time. The platform helps prospective employees, employers, and the Prufens BGV team seamlessly coordinate and acquire the required data inputs. The data is verified further in the field and on various digital platforms. The entire data collection process is digital and is done at a rapid speed.

V Jayalakshmi, Co-founder & Director
This is where the team of experts at Prufens Advisory steps in, and the collected data is put under intense quality checks with respective verification teams. And, if the data is found accurate, Prufens’ quality check team takes over and ensures each and every submitted information and supporting document matches to avoid any ambiguity. This involves following up with a candidate’s government address proof as given in official documents, which even includes field agent visits to the places of residence of the candidates.

PruTech navigates through all the roadblocks of the background verification process by executing all types of verification's, compilation, and report generation at unmatchable turnaround time

Furthermore, Prufens has tie-ups with legal firms to verify criminal records. The search is done through e-court record checks, and the final report is submitted by the law firm. Prufens Advisory has engagements with authorized labs having pan India access to provide services wherever required for drug testing purposes.

A unique balance of technology and human intervention puts Prufens Advisory in a unique spot in the entire background verification space. As an employee verification company, Prufens is trying to make the workplace better by helping organizations pick the best candidate through its error free & accurate data in well laid out reports at super fast turnaround time.