ProTildo : Presenting Multi-shore Methodology of Background Verification for Hiring

Sumimt Ranjan,CEOThe process of background verification was necessitated due to the fact that several people conceal vital facts about themselves for fear that it may impact their career prospects or creditworthiness. Thus, it is worth getting a detailed Employee Background Screening bundled with personal trait readings, at the time of hiring, to save employers from potential threats. One of major challenges, employers face before and during an interview is, to frame the right questions for the candidate. As of today, most of the questions are dependent on the replies of the candidates, which fails the purpose of the interview. Employers can be well-informed, can prepare well, depending on the candidate's score, before scheduling interview. This makes sure the right candidate for the job role being offered.

One such company keeping a track of various personal traits of employees, making it easy for corporates to hire is, ProTildo which was established in 2018. Based in Gurgaon, ProTildo thrive to be very stringent on various aspects of background verification to serve the employers and employees as a dependable solution. Two entrepreneurs, Sumit Ranjan, founder and Abhishek Agarwal, co-founder, saw the need for an easier and faster way for employers and other institutions to perform background verification and came up with ProTildo. Presently, with a strong team of 36 members with cumulative experience of over 25+ years across domains and industries, ProTildo have an innovative team to offer solutions to help scale businesses. ProTildo is an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified company.
Tech Driven Services Galore
ProTildo is on a mission to revolutionize the background screening industry who are committed to assist Employers to take informed hiring decision by combing state-of-the-art technology with in-person searches. Background checks require manually pulling disorganized data from disparate sources, sorting through inconsistent language, and juggling ever-evolving regional compliance laws. ProTildo have re-built the background check with technology at its core. ProTildo's platform uses AI and ML to help verify information quickly without sacrificing accuracy or compliance.

While other agencies process records manually, ProTildo's smart technology processes over a million checks every month automatically with high accuracy. The various background verification services that ProTildo offers are, general ID, Address, Education, Employment Checks including Behaviour, Criminal, Court, Drug Test and Financial Checks to name just a few. The data ProTildo procure and validate is available for consumption in real-time, saving huge time for the corporates. ProTildo's checks are not limited for employers only but also are a holistic Background verification platform which provide service to any and every industry, including Corporates, BFSI, Matrimony, Job Portals, Social Media Platforms and eCommerce Platforms.

ProTildo is on a mission to revolutionize the background screening industry, committed to assist Employers to take informed hiring decision

A Bane for Crooks, a Boon for Clients
ProTildo's main aspect is to make a disciplined employee community by transforming the traditional Background Verification to Digital and Instantaneous validation of records pertaining to personal and professional details. ProTildo achieves this by leveraging advanced digital platform which takes off the burden from the HR to communicate with potential candidate multiple times, to furnish records and information. ProTildo have seen an average of 20% month over month growth in revenue in the last one and a half years of operations.

With brilliant engineering, expert data science, and a user-friendly interface, ProTildo is here to make a difference to everyone's life, be it Employers, Job Seekers, Financial Institutions, Loan Seekers, or anyone. ProTildo is focused on helping companies in mitigating risk of frauds, create safe work environment, establish trust and protect company brand value and profitability by assisting them in background screening of the employees they recruit. Keeping up with the new laws coming up regarding the data-protection, ProTildo's verification checks are not an expenditure, but an investment for sustainable future.