Potential Genesis HR Services: Transforming Leadership Effectiveness through Neuroscience-Driven Coaching

Several surveys disclose that 85 percent of change proposals in enterprises fail as leaders concentrate on the wrong things and don’t understand what it really takes for workforce to amend their behavior & beliefs. The transformation on an individual or organizational level needs continuous attention on new possibilities & behaviors rather than on the dilemma and real commitment. Therefore, leaders are required to deploy all five sense neural highways, which aid them to understand how current generation workforce work, think, feel & behave. Harnessing this concept is Chennai-based Potential Genesis HR Services. The company utilizes brain-based, process-focused and outcome-driven framework & methodologies to design customized people development solution - Executive Coaching & Training for business thrivability. “All the work that we do in executive coaching & training space is based on neuroscience. We clearly understand how brain is the base for feeling, emotion and thinking, self-regulation and thus we are able to maximize outcome,” proclaims R Ramamurthy Krishna, Founder & Chief Learning Officer, Potential Genesis HR Services.

Started in 2014, the company bestows Executive Coaching & Training Services. Ramamurthy’s personal experience of three decades laid the foundation for Potential Genesis’ neuroscience-based people development initiative. Framing its services into triangle format where relationship is put on the top, and feeling & emotion and thinking are placed at different corners, the firm enables workforce to deal with their intrapersonal transformation and conveniently move beyond their comfort zone by stretching their brain to align with an individual’s
R Ramamurthy Krishna,Founder & Chief Learning Officer

R Ramamurthy Krishna

Founder & Chief Learning Officer

All the work that we do in executive coaching & training space is based on neuroscience

behavioural preferences or preferred ways of working. It connects the neural pathways of both individuals, as well as organizations towards pursuing the work, thereby improving their performance and helping them to facilitate positive change and lead more effectively.

Differentiating Factors

Catering on three key strategies, 4D (diagnose, design, develop and deliver), Digi Flip and Learning Honey Comb Model, Potential Genesis crafts a ‘Fit for Purpose’ solution based on Solo-Taxanomy for clients. With five generations at workplace and populated with digital bohemians, the venture recognizes the learning need of the new generation, wherein its strategy is to flex delivery for both entrepreneurs and employees. Its accredited coach training program (based on neuroscience) from International Coach Federation-ICF is uniquely designed for individuals to become certified coaches from ICF. Potential Genesis is the only Indian organization to offer coaching based on neuroscience.
The company clearly differentiates between training & coaching, and uses methodologies such as story building (using pictographs & ideographs) and byte size learning to deliver the training by flipped class-room technology effectively. Potential Genesis performs one-to-one & group coaching, and adapts people for training wherein these training are later converted into sub classroom. “We take people in large size, break them into small groups and setup learning centres in room loaded with features of learning centre and presentation happen around those learning centres. The idea is to present that brain is behind the learning,” adds Ramamurthy. These sessions not only enable students/executives to learn the concept and application of the concept rather than just remembering names & terminologies, but also help them to balance two different sets of thinking (western & eastern) and relate with various people/clients across geography. This helps the client to get return on investment of training – a most critical need of all the organization.

Always in pursuit of offering high quality & cost effective training, Potential Genesis collaborates with different organizations (International Coach Federation, HRM Possibilities Inc, Tracom, BOSI and de Bono Thinking Systems). The company is looking forward to expand its in-house and external coaching certification programs and footprint in cities like Pune & Mumbai, and endeavors to offer small duration training programs virtually to people.