Pinnacle Human Resource: The Pinnacle-Unparalleled Point of All Background Verification Solutions

Santosh Kumar Dash,Managing Director

Santosh Kumar Dash, Managing Director

Falsified applications, fake documents and embellished resumes with exaggerated facts! These are the instances that disrupt every hiring process in both corporate and non-corporate worlds. With nearly 7500 companies in the country operating to produce fake employment and educational certificates, India as a business boomer resounds the risk of hiring the wrong candidates, especially with mass hiring and employment demands on the rise. As a result, background checks are becoming rigorously rampant, occupying as indispensable components of every employee screening mechanism. Tapping this crucial need with a profound experience in the recruitment-base, Pinnacle Human Resource is a 2008 establishment that well-understands the challenges & risks of placing wrong candidates, and thus intently develops ingenious strategies to tackle the risk of hiring wrong candidature.

As opposed to cost-consciousness and tight-time lines that often coax companies to notch-down on intense checks and verifications, Pinnacle sets-up a precocious system with reduced costs and high-quality to cater to this dire requirement. Equipped with experienced team-members who manage the end-to-end process of verification with uncompromised quality, the company under the
headship of Santosh Kumar Dash (Managing Director) covers almost every verification necessity to boost accurate placements. The company further engages in rigorous, lateral hiring, bulk/mass hiring, corporate training, education, corporate collaborative training programs and temporary staffing, besides the obvious background verification.

"These efficient resources enables Pinnacle to deliver excellent verification services at unsurpassed TAT, with a screening that’s based on industry best practices, tailored needs and data protection laws"

Moreover, with combinations of global regulations, local expertise and an ‘always-on’service in local time-zones and languages, the company holds a vast existing network of branches,own-database of reliable candidates, business associates and independent service providers. These efficient resources enable Pinnacle to deliver excellent verification services at unsurpassed TAT, with a screening that’s based on industry best practices, tailored needs and data protection laws.

Solved Under One Roof
As a one-stop-solution to all background verification needs the company’s comprehensive services include identity verification, criminal history searches, education verification, employment verification and drug testing. Beside these exhaustive services, the company also verifies driving records & reference checks, conducts international background checks and verifies credit reports, address verification and other customized services based on client need. Furthermore, under the leadership of Santosh, who titles experience in Manpower recruitment, staffing, background-verification and career counseling, Pinnacle thrives in the
hands of a well experienced management team that owns encyclopedic qualities in origination, conception, structuring & competency development.

Pinnacle further follows an unrivalled ideology that caters to developing talents rather than hiring them, thereby enjoying the benefit of unflinching loyalty, integrity, skill-sets and aptitude. In harmony with this and its distinguished specializations, Santosh states, “Background verification being a security sensitive industry, we give the highest priority to our employees to maintain an environment with high-level employee engagement, and hence instilling loyalty & integrity”. The company further stringently follows a policy of not hiring managers from the same industry, so as to promote innovation and participation with integrity. Having developed a clear-cut niche within the industry, Pinnacle states to its achievements that, despite being a late beginner, it treads on the path of innovating its way to becoming a leading player by 2020.

Success through Structural Diversification
This ISO 9001:2008 certified company was awarded as the premium service provider by many existing clients like KRYFS, ABB and others. Branched in Kolkata, Chandigarh, Bangalore & Mumbai besides Bhubaneswar, Pinnacle has recorded multiplying gross revenues based on its business’ structural diversification. On the other hand, the company’s services has tuned success in reputed clientele like Birla Corporation, Reliance Cement, Titan Industries, Vedant Fashion, Topsel Toyota and Eagle Technologies, and has earned certification and membership of all leading verifying authorities and strives to progress higher.