Perfect Spoken English & Personality Development Institute: Moulding Professionals into Skilled Personalities via Personalized Training & Grooming

Sudha Agarwal,  Director

Sudha Agarwal


Projecting the right first impression with polished etiquettes, confident speech and ability to handle impromptu situations through professional skills, characterizes an agile leader. As the economy is burgeoning, all big consortiums are eyeballing skilled and well-groomed manpower. Amidst this fierce war of talent, professionals often struggle to pace up with the competition due to communication complexities and meager confidence, hence exemplifying their perturbed personality. Adducing this need for personality development back in 1986, Sudha Agarwal (Director and the author of ‘Self-Learning Guide to Acquire Command on English Lanugage) established Perfect Spoken English & Personality Development Institute (PSEPDI) for offering tailor-made, comprehensive solutions and training programs from basic to advanced level and are designed for all walks of life including doctors, CAs, lawyers, IITians, MBA graduates, graduates, postgraduates, technocrats, software professionals, businessmen, homemakers, students and working professionals.

Being one-of-its-kind institute to render money-back guarantee, PSEPDI handholds candidates throughout the learning process and emphasizes on spoken English,
personality development and public speaking. The encyclopedic syllabus covers practical grammar, vocabulary, GDPI debates, seminar and individual presentation. On the flip side, the institute covers vast learning and offers courses like Business English, Advanced English, speaking and writing, public speaking, corporate training, teachers training, voice and accent training, soft skills and personality development training, crafting professionals and matrimonial CV. What adds an extra coat of excellence is its expertise in delivering private coaching to highly qualified and ranked pros, who otherwise restrain from taking batch classes, hence keeping their reputation intact.

"Being one-of-its-kind institute to render money-back guarantee, PSEPDI handholds candidates throughout the learning process and emphasizes on spoken English, personality development and public speaking"

From Public Speaking to Private Counseling
When many follow conventional cyclo-scale pattern, PSEPDI outshines its competitors by providing personalized appointment sessions and determines each candidate’s lacuna through individual evaluation. Depending on this lacuna, it customizes learning models for long-term and short-term courses. As the candidate knows all inclusions right before he enrolls, the learning roadmap becomes crystal clear. Since the introduction of personality development was a new agenda back then, PSEPDI instituted small batches to instill productive learning and hone their skills.

Value Education, Quality Living
Being associated with 50+ organizations including NADT
(National Academy of Direct Taxes), Ambedkar College and IMT (Institute of Technology & Management), the institute delivers lectures for skill training, inclusive of positive thinking, art of listening, motivational skills, removing stage fear, developing confidence, public speaking, impromptu talk and many more. Topping that is the institute’s deployment towards CSR activities. Inspired by Gandhian philosophy (an all-round drawing out of the best in child and man in body, mind and spirit), Sudha believes that quality of life depends on the quality of decisions we take. She adds, “As responsible citizens, we contribute towards the enriched and healthy society through a well organized, neatly designed and efficiently executed plan for educating the people. This will be our share in the Nation Building”.

While the core objective is promotion of soft skills development including Voice & Communication, the institute utilizes literature as a vibrant tool to bring positive change through individual student participation. Publication of literary material, value based education and improvement in quality education is highly encouraged in-house along with creating awareness and inculcating civic sense among people.

Situated in the heart of Nagpur, PSEPDI strategizes problem-solving solutions to render result-oriented small classes and conducts activities and counseling sessions periodically for streamlining candidate’s communication skills and wave. Etching the motto – ‘Education is Ageless … Endless …Timeless…’, PSEPDI’s trained, experienced and qualified experts provides personalized attention and motivates candidates to step above the humdrum lifestyle through personal grooming.