Optimista Training & Development India: Customized & Interactive Training Programmes for Holistic Development

Bharathy, Director ,Varadaraj, Director - Operations

Bharathy, Director

Varadaraj, Director - Operations

Whenever a workshop or a knowledge sharing session is conducted for a group of people, not everybody is ready to accept whatever is offered at all times. Training should actually make the participant think and facilitate one to bring out the change from within. Chennai-based personality development training company, Optimista Training & Development, is one such facilitator that takes pride in delivering customized training programmes based on the requirements of individuals and organizations. Instead of blindly following the training topic proposed by the customers, the company interacts with them to craft the precise training program that would be fruitful, aiming at the holistic development of the participants. “When a participant is skeptical, we try and acknowledge their concern. The moment you realize that the participants are at par with you in knowledge, from training mode you shift to facilitation module, where the learning will come from the participant itself. By the end of the session, they will feel that they have arrived at a solution, not the
solution given by the person who is facilitiating,” explains Bharathy, Director, Optimista.

"Optimista have shaped exceptional and outstanding leaders industry-agnostically across private as well as public sectors"

Optimista have shaped exceptional and outstanding leaders industry-gnostically across private as well as public sectors. Their clientele includes both Public as well as Private sector. Most of the nationalised banks, IT & ITES companies, Power Producers, Clothing & Jewellery showrooms, Micro Finance Institutions and educational institutions form a part of their clientele. “The mind – a unique and exceptional treasure; when powered in the right way with the right training will yield unsurpassable results,” asserts Bharathy. The company that has two centers one Nungambakkam & the other in Trichy is associated with a lot of trainers PAN India, which allows it to conduct similar training programs nationwide simultaneously.

Transforming the Lives
It specializes in conducting exceptional customer service programs byorchestrating mystery shopping for banks and showrooms. “Given a call, team from Optimista visits client’s office as a customer and observe the behaviour & problems of both their clients and client’s customers. Based on the observation, a report is drafted, reflecting the real ground situation, taking inputs from the company & customers, which
further helps in developing a training program. This helps in addressing the actual problematic areas where they need to mentor or train their employees and what the areas customers are happy at. This well drafted program not only helps its clients to keep their customers happy but also radically increase the marketing team’s confidence to sell the products,” says Varadaraj, Director - Operations, Optimista

Optimista facilitates business entrepreneurs in setting up goals and enable achieving it through coaching and training. They also have their signature program for children between the age of 12 & 19 to introduce & enhance the budding skills. They also conduct personal coaching sessions for individuals to achieve success. This is apart from the regular personality development programs. Also an expert at public speaking and outbound training, it conducts workshops and knowledge sharing sessions that assure a learning platform for both customers as well as its trainers.

Leading the Way to Success
In the fast track world, where people don’t have the time to sit in the class and learn, Optimista is preparing to commence online training programs to reach people’s doorstep by launching an app, creating aself-learning website and being active on FB live. Having conferred with the best trainer award on Business Entrepreneur Forum for two consecutive years (2015 & 2016) and generated an amplified 50 percent revenue over the last year, Optimista is thrusting towards success in full throttle.