OM Careers: Overcoming Bandwidth Constraints of Recruitment Team of Financial Institutions

Rakesh Mohan, Director

Rakesh Mohan


Julius Caesar used to reward 300 sestertii to any soldier who would recruit another and thus he built the famous Roman army. This was one of the earliest forms of using indirect recruitment. But in today’s changing technology and talent environment, from the instability of financial markets to the multi-faceted nature of the current scenario of requirements, finding the best talent in versatile sectors requires one to venture well beyond its recruitment team. With a proactive, long-term and strategic approach, Ludhiana-based OM Careers offers highly-qualified talent that drives Recruitment Process towards excellence.

This multifaceted and multicultural organization streamlines the process of searching, interviewing, hiring and training candidates, and assists financial institutions in leveraging human capital management as a competitive differentiator. Built on the pillars of
Time-to-hire, Cost-of-hire, and Quality-of-hire, the company offers high ROI on recruiting process and has served industries like - BFSI, EPC, MEP, Core Engineering, Automobile, Oil & Gas, Power, Manufacturing, FMCG, FMCD, Telecom, Retailing, F&B, IT & Technology and Analytics.

Amalgamating Expertise with Excellence
A professionally managed recruitment company offering high quality recruitment services to the best brands in the industry, OM Careers specializes in identifying and headhunting talent till CXO levels as per the client needs. From the last ten years, the company is leveraging its ‘Own Data Base Portal’ for sourcing candidates and serving clients in national and international avenues. Deploying its vast bandwidth size including myriad of recruiters, the company excels in hiring maximum talent pool for any location, at any given time. Yet another significant benefit that clients can derive from OM Careers is its expertise in hiring candidates in hours rather than days, thus minimum turn around time(TAT)and maximum cost & time saving. On top of the line, highly professional, skilled techno-commercial leadership and recruiter team, driven by passion, exemplify the company’s clearly defined vision.

Systematic & Streamlined Process
Being an employee-centric, client-
centric and quality centric organization, OM Careers stands much ahead of its competition. “What makes us different is – Our Focus on Quality of Hire, highly motivated Best Skilled Team, consistent high levels of service, Continuous Learning and adaptation to changes through training and development, and a real passion for our work,” says Rakesh Mohan, Director, OM Careers. Besides having face-to-face engagement meetings with clients, the company also conducts regular knowledge sharing sessions for its employees to keep them updated with the latest industry trends. Rakesh further adds, “We are a very passionate, collaborative, self-driven and a result-oriented team of professionals with a visionary leadership and strong customer focus”.

Founded in 2008 under the aegis of Rakesh and Deepak Jain, OM Careers is fully compliant with the government regulations and even ensures complete adherence to the policies, guidelines and the code of conduct set by its clients. The company is consistently growing at an average of 45 percent annually for the last three years and is aiming for 63 percent revenue growth rate for this FY. It further envisions becoming ‘The first choice of employer for recruitment services by 2020’.