OffiNeeds: An Emerging Leader of the Corporate Gifting Industry

Srikanth Acharya,CEORooted in the shared values and beliefs of an organization, the corporate culture has always been an evolving phenomenon. With new trends and practices introduced regularly, the goal has always been to maintain a positive association among employers, employees, and customers. Gaining quite an attention currently, corporate gifting is considered as one of the effective methods of ensuring better relationships with clients and employees leading to high ROI and satisfaction.

Venturing into this new yet innovative market of corporate gifting, Offineeds has managed to stand out in the market with its impeccable products and services which caters extensively and exclusively to the corporate gifting sector. Based out of Bangalore and Chennai in India, Offineeds hosts a thousand of products across various categories like Apparel, Accessories, Home & Living, Office Tools, Gadgets and many more, with an extensive array of products for all kinds of audience and for every occasion covering all price ranges.

The website of Offineeds is very easy to browse on any device and helps the organizations to effortlessly discover the products which are most relevant to them. A very informative and relaxed platform to choose the products based on their brand, images, colors, sizes, price, tax, customization options and delivery timelines, the website of Offineeds offers a hassle-free service to its browsers unlike the other available websites in the market.
"As product discovery is quite a big challenge for customers, we have all the products listed on our website according to various categories and price ranges.

It is like an advanced search feature through which they can search for products that are relevant for them and convert only what they want into a PDF catalog to share with their company management. It also becomes easier for the management to review the shortlisted products and decide what they want. It is a very simple step in which they just need to login using their user ID and register to download the PDF. It's an easy and reliable procedure which is the biggest differentiator we have against any-body else in the market", says Srikanth Acharya CEO, Offineeds.

Offineeds believes in the importance of boosting the company morale and the need to maintain good-work-from-home relationships during the time of the pandemic. Serving the large corporates for more than 15 years, Offineeds is handling the crucial pandemic period efficiently by shipping the home office products safely to the customers in their address. Witnessing the surging demands for the corporate gifts amidst the pandemic, Offineeds is ensuring the home delivery of the gifts with speed and efficiency through its unique initiative `GIFTKART'. Through `GIFTKART', Offinneds provides timely and effective delivery of the products in the address of the employees by ensuring the packaging is good enough that the courier doesn't get damaged.

Offineeds has managed to stand out in the market with its impeccable products and services which caters extensively and exclusively to the corporate gifting sector

Catering to a large domain with its exclusive range of products, Offineeds hosts a wider customer base including many elite names such as Infosys, Ex-ide Life Insurance, TVS, Larsen and Turbo, CISCO, Sonata, Mu Sigma, and many more. "Starting from the employees to clients, distributor and supplier, all communicate about your organization, and your brand to their circle of influence either actively or passively. Empowering them with merchandise and corporate gifts, customized with your logos on them is the best way to enhance this communication and promote your Brand in the right direction.

Our mission is to help organizations to create brand ambassadors through corporate gifts. Every member of our team is driven by this mission and every member of our team is committed to making it faster, easier and ustomized for you, which by the way is our brand promise. We are expanding our reach ever more rapidly through a franchise network that we are building," signs off Srikath Acharya.