Separator Designed for Ones with No Desire to Retire

 Pratap Kunda,FounderTraditionally, for many of the working class population,retirement meant permanent break from work. But, with changing times, people are preferring to semi-retire, working few hours or taking up a different job before retiring permanently. Rather than ajob, most people are often looking foran opportunity, be it part time work,advisory, consulting or jobs that would not just keep them engaged but would also give them the opportunity to work while staying active at the same time.Set up in 2016, is a unique platform which was built with the vision to bridge the gap between the recruiters and the retired and the soon to-be retired professionals.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, is the brainchild of PratapKunda, a successful Bangalore-based business man who came across this idea when he was looking for a retired person for one of his projects. Though it was an instant eureka moment where some one sees a problem and solution right in front, Pratap was still patient enough to take his time and know the nuances before jumping in. During this period,
Kamalesh Nuthi, an Entrepreneur and a Civil Engineering graduate from IIT Madras joined the force and together the duo came up with – “Our initial survey with a sample size of 400 retired people gave us a good heads up of the challenge that we were about to face.Majority of the retired people eitherrely on friends or on newspapers to find job vacancies. Few of them also check available job portals but mostly end up getting lost in the ocean of jobs.So we created, a jobportal which targeted specifically at the retired and experienced people. Most retirees don’t think that there could be a dedicated job portal for them. This message of our dedicated job portal for the retired should reach more and more people, and I’m sure, once they notice this, they will find us,” Pratap Kunda,Founder,

With over 12,500 registered job seekers and over 600 employees on the portal, NotRetired offers opportunities for an individual’s golden years

With over 12,500 registered job seekers and over 600 employees on the portal, NotRetired offers opportunities for an individual’s golden years. Be it an opportunity to earn, an opportunity to put their knowledge and experience at use, to mentor the next big startup, an opportunity to travel or an
opportunity to connect with peers,
the skilled team at NotRetired is constantly working to aggregate and provide a range of opportunities for the retirees. Since retirees are not net savvy, the company has made the whole process of looking for an opportunity seamless and easy with Quick Registration and Profile creation along with the accurate matchmaking processes. Once a profile is created, it is accessible to various Employers as well as Users who can apply for the jobs published on the portal.

Today, majority of Indian elders are still financially dependent and this one of the major social concerns that we are going to face. The team at NotRetired believes that they are solving a problemthat is as basic as food and shelter.Retired employees bring in several positive attributes like knowledge,responsibility, contacts and is constantly working toget on board, various organizations thatare looking for active and visionary leaders in helping them make better decisions and grow successfully. “Weare undergoing discussions with few investors to ramp up our efforts inevolving the product further and to create a much stronger brand. Going forward, we have plans to offer much more than just opportunities to work. NotRetired would soon be a one-stopportal for the elders, be it is Jobs,Networking, Travel plans, Investment Opportunities, Insurance Plans or to find anything that is relevant for them,”signs off Kamalesh Nuthi, Co-Founder,