Nida Khanam: Coach with passion is to support people in carving & achieving bigger dreams & aspirations which they have been living unconsciously!

Nida Khanam,Executive, Mindset and Career Coach

Nida Khanam

Executive, Mindset and Career Coach

Life takes a full new meaning when we push our-selves out of comfort zone and discover Self! Finding a way is certainly an achievement but enlightening and encouraging others towards their life visionare far more gratifying. Many talented individuals and young leaders enter the industry, most of them often fade away without the proper balance in their personal and corporate life. Even the most talented Entrepreneurs and CEO's need the help of Executive coach at some point in their careers if they are stuck some-where and are in the need of a little nudge. Everyone needs a Coach to support their journey to navigate life trajectory whether in personal or professional life.

One such name who stands out by the virtue of her impeccable professional experience and coaching to the executives is Nida Khanam who is passionate about helping individuals and organizations unleash their untapped potential to drive exponential growth, achieve purpose in life and in-crease overall happiness quotient.

An ACC credentialed and Brain-Based certified Professional Coach with over 17 years of experience in Human Resource Management & Leader-ship transformation, Nida Khanam is rapidly gaining recognition around country and outside for delivering noteworthy transformation to the individuals who are looking out for their life trajectory, career navigation, and especially larger aspirations in their life. Besides being a coach, Nida is also an efficient HR advisor and an emerging entrepreneur with her Café business.

Working across different industries and
markets such as Rockwell Automation, Grohe India & JSL, as Head of Human Resources Nida holds extensive experience which helps her to understand diverse cultures, mindsets and challenges faced by executives and organizations. "While working in the corporate sector I established a pat-tern in my peak that inevitably led to coaching and I just followed that evolving pattern in me before it would have died inside.

The journey from HR leader to a coach in my mind was just a natural progression as that's what I have been doing in all my leadership roles being an internal coach in my career stints across organizations. However, when I started the journey to engage and practice as a professional coach, I realised the difference.

Though my HR experience supports me to understand and partner better with my clients to relate with them, building trust and authenticity. It inculcates understanding to adapt and work with different cultures and mindsets. But as these are two different worlds, you wear different hats while performing your roles," says Nida Khanam, Executive, Mindset and Career Coach.

Nida believes in being Authentic as a coach & co-create journey of transformation & self empowerment

Nida has always been a passionate learner of science, who later completed management from AMU and IIMC. With inclination towards number, she started her career in talent acquisition, and grew as an HR head, working in different capacities. She says, "My career guided me in working with each employee at different levels, responsibility, diversity, cultures, and markets. It made me learn a lot and helped in in working at leadership roles.

It's always amazing to witness individuals/organizations connect with consumers with unique challenges and goals." Her major coaching partnerships with her clients have been into executive leadership, career transitions, team management, mind-set, emotional intelligence, communication, stakeholder management, performance, life satisfaction.

Nida's experience also revolves around working with start-ups to design their organizational structure, talent management, aligning their processes and people practices enabling them for exponential growth trajectory. Talking about the future endeavours, Nida Khanam states, "I am working on my coaching modules which can support the people with their own self-discovery journey especially online for these unprecedented times like the one we are just passing through.

I am focusing more on coaching journeys with a mix of online and offline platforms which can assist my clients in the most result directive way. I want to inspire people by driving tangible results and continuously support my clients in achieving their goals to empower transformation by leading with core values of being authentic, ethical, and compassionate."