NicheHR Global: A Global Recruitment Firm Meeting Client Requirements With A Tailor-Made Approach

Sachin Shenoy,  Managing Director

Sachin Shenoy

Managing Director

In today's world, not all individuals will choose a profession based on their educational qualifications; instead, some try to build a career inspired by their natural skills. In the same way, today's employers are increasingly concerned with hiring talented employees who are able to accomplish all of the company's objectives with a great passion for their work. If a person is skillful, he/she may be trained according to the company’s needs. Even in the best-case scenario, finding a company that appreciates your talents and would consider you for a job solely based on your talents may be challenging. A recruiting company like NicheHR Global may serve as a helpful hand in such circumstances.

Since its establishment, NicheHR Global has been driven by a passionate team of specialists and researchers who believe that building strong relationships is the key to company success. One of NicheHR Global's distinguishing characteristics is that the firm is not restricted to a single industry or geographic region. Explaining more about this the Managing Director of NicheHR Global – Sachin says, “Starting from IT to FMCG, Telecom to Agri, we provide a wide range of Recruiting and HR services.

We now have customers in several countries, including the GCC, Africa, Europe, Latin America, South East Asia and AnZ, which is why we refer to ourselves as a sector-agnostic AND geo-agnostic HR Organization. Furthermore, our main emphasis has been on executive leadership searches, recruiting process re-engineering, and recruitment outsourcing”.
Global In Nature
NicheHR Global is one of the few international recruiting organizations, and they have a unique method for creating teams throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe South East Asia, and India.

To keep up with the new normal of working from home, NicheHR Global has created a completely flexible framework. From Bangalore to Dubai to Southeast Asian countries the organization has employees working from home. NicheHR Global's remote working approach has been successful in attracting more highly qualified employees since individuals nowadays choose to work from the convenience of their own homes. Another benefit of this is that a recruiting company must have professionals from every locale to find the right type of talent. Therefore, for NicheHR Global, this whole approach has been a huge success.

It is nichehr Global's vision to be known in the industry as a “Differentiating Partner” helping every client and candidate with a “Differentiation Edge” by partnering with nicheHR

A Boutique Firm
It is NicheHR Global's vision to be known in the industry as a provider of high-quality services. Also, as the firm's name implies, the NicheHR Global team is aiming to carve out a niche for themselves and capitalize on delivering exceptional services.

Moreover, NicheHR Global is extremely reliant on technology and employs every modern resource accessible in the market, such as LinkedIn and other AI-based social networking platforms. NicheHR Global strives to find the right balance throughout channels of resources, ranging from AI-driven technology to old-school networking, since identifying qualified candidates is vital.

Future Roadmap Of Nichehr Global
As of now, NicheHR Global has offices in India and the UAE, and the firm plans to grow its presence in Africa and Europe in the coming years. "When we began our operations a year ago, we rarely expected that we might grow so rapidly into other nations. However, based on our first success in the Middle East, we have decided to expand our operations to Africa, which is now one of the most “in-demand” locations in the world. Then as we expand, we may need to set up a regional office in Africa similar plans for development in Europe have been devised. At this moment, we would want to keep things simple and focus on our core competencies, which we will continue to grow upon. We are now providing market mapping and executive search services, which we want to use to make a significant distinction in the sector”, concludes Sachin.