Myavtar: Refurbishing The Comprehensiveness Of The Indian Recruitment Industry

Dr. Saundarya Rajesh,  Founder & President

Dr. Saundarya Rajesh

Founder & President

In a post-covid job market, reports have demonstrated that India is experiencing exponential growth of 12%-15% month-on-month growth in recruitment. Even though the job market is currently wide open, overflowing with opportunities for all sectors and industries, an element of inclusion is missing which can benefit the candidates and recruiters symbiotically. is a unique Indian job portal that stresses on inclusivity and presents opportunities for people without discrimination. Avtar was founded in 2000 by the visionary Dr. Saundarya Rajesh and has emerged to be the nation's pioneer on workplace Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Apart from crafting its identity as the foremost facilitator of second career opportunities for women in the nation, Avtar is recognized for its impactful efforts in the field of inclusion and diversity.

Starting the journey to provide India’s first career service as Avtar I-Win, (rechristened to encompass all the strands of Diversity) has penetrated the realms of career development and equal inclusion in India. The portal is built on the mission to guide and enable people belonging to under represented groups with training and jobs. Keeping this vision alive, MyAvtar aims to assist India's enterprises in achieving gender parity and boost women's workforce participation in Tier I, II, and III regions.

Upon successfully making a case for gender equality, the portal broadened its scope to additional strands of diversity via the job portal to include underrepresented
communities like LGBTQ, PWD, Millennials, Gen Zs, and so on. “At the 2021 Avtar & Seramount DEI analytics study, the Most Inclusive Companies Index (MICI) - the country’s first inclusion index, we highlight the best practices of India’s most inclusive companies and their roadmap to becoming Inclusion champions,” avers Dr. Saundarya Rajesh, Founder-President of Avtar Group.

The company and the platform offer a wide range of solutions including Job Fairs exclusively for women, webinars, and other events as part of their job creation initiatives. myAvtar has hosted three successful virtual job fairs exclusively for women within the first year of its operations. These events attracted over 6000 registrations, 50+ like-minded employers, over 1000 interviews, and 500+ shortlists.

“Starting its journey as a gender equality centric firm, myAvtar has penetrated the realms of career development and equal inclusion in India

Amongst its many initiatives, myAvtar is lauded for its approach towards establishing a marketplace for women who are looking for second careers, by connecting them with employers. myAvtar provides companies a cutting-edge outlook and enabling women in their career continuum through Upskilling, Leadership and Career Avenues (ULCA), a unique program designed for women to make long-lasting career decisions. One of such is Digipivot in collaboration with Google-India and ISB, to fulfill the requirements of both B2B and B2C clientele.

“We have built this platform for talented individuals from under represented communities to stand out, seek opportunities and work in an environment that is truly inclusive. Our journey has been magnificent because not only did we succeed in creating jobs for more than 50,000 Indian women, we have also had more than 400 organizations vie with each other to be amongst the best companies for Women in India,” says Dr Saundarya Rajesh.

By 2027, myAvtar aims expanding the gateway to provide 500,000 women with job opportunities. In addition, they expect their soon-to-be-launched mobile app to attract 5 lakh users by 2027. The myAvtar diversity portal is constantly improving, and they are working to provide opportunities for diverse job hopefuls to share their DEI journeys. The portal has plans to organize focus groups, panel discussions, and counseling sessions which would further facilitate candidates in leveraging resources for career development and reaching new heights in their professional lives. With the primary aim o f fulfilling its vision and goals, myAvtar is set to revolutionize corporate India and not leave any stone unturned in its pursuit.