Millow: Revolutionizing Background Verification with Instant Checks through Automation & End-to-End Solutions

Karan Bhatty,Founder & CEO

Karan Bhatty, Founder & CEO

Background screening of prospective employees by companies is fast catching-up in India, as it flushes-out fraudsters and helps organizations to avert recruitment disasters. While there are many verification service providers that are helping organizations by accepting the responsibility of verification, the verification industry, which is broken due to heavy reliance on traditional/ manual processes, is long-overdue for a technological revolution to solve the problems of lack of authentic reporting and high turn-around-times (TAT). With an aim to set an example for other verification agencies to follow, Millow, a Bangalore based modern background verification company, was incepted in 2018 to provide ironclad, tech-driven and transparent verification solutions.

Ensuring Highest Level of Authenticity
This forward-looking company leverages path-breaking technologies for empowering clients to build trust, seek truth and mitigate risks in the least amount of time, thus ensuring that the
vetting and hiring processes are smooth, quick and efficient. Millow provides accurate background checks with stringent quality control processes to small & large corporations, government projects, food chains, and more, verifying white, blue & grey collar staff. It also caters to individuals with varying requirements like authenticity check while choosing a life-partner, checking & approving a loan application and many more. “We enable our clients to make data-backed decisions. We add several layers of trust on various stakeholders so that they can freely enter into lawful associations, comply with state laws and are safeguarded against fraud & criminal liabilities,” says Karan Bhatty, Founder & CEO, Millowsatya Services, who holds a M.Sc degree from the University of Oxford, and is an international level sportsman and a certified Thai Boxing practitioner.

"Adding several layers of trust on various stakeholders, Millow enables them to freely enter into lawful associations, comply with state laws and are safeguarded against fraud & criminal liabilities"

This ISO 9001:2015 certified company is a member of NAPBS, NASSCOM & ISF and has a vast network of verified field officers PAN India, not to mention its alliance with government agencies which enable it to cover each & every zip code of the country. The firm has a powerful team of legal, law enforcement and government advisors to perform background services effortlessly with extreme quality. Additionally, Millow has
collaborated with C-DAC and E-Pramaan (National e-Authentication framework), which further strengthens its verification process.

Customized Background Checks
Millow offers a customizable real-time reporting solution through its app, which enables its customers’ HR team to seamlessly integrate with the system and incur minimal effort in uploading information and receiving real-time reports for the candidates’ verification status. Its world-class tech team from Silicon Valley, Pune and Bangalore is developing AI/ML and blockchain solutions to reduce manual process and introduce more advanced automation features, which will allow companies to save time, cut costs and onboard authentic candidates. Karan recalls when Millow accomplished the verification for a co-living space provider, who was in a hurry to verify their blue-collar staff within two days, including a case that was as far as the West Bengal-Bangladesh border. Millow agreed to perform their tenant verification on short notice and deployed its team to Indore, Kanpur, and Delhi/NCR overnight.

Millow’s unique workplace consisting of the perfect mix of youth and experienced members is managed by a team of leaders and technical staff who are educated at world-class institutions and are internationally experienced. “We have quadrupled our revenue since the first quarter and have only just scratched the surface,” says a determined Karan.