Maatrom Solution: Enriching Businesses By Offering A Wide Range Of Quality HR Services

 Mahalakshmi M  ,  FounderHR professionals are considered to be the lifeline of any company because their job is to ensure that the business gets the most out of its employees. In other words, it is the human resource department which needs to provide a high return on the business’s investment in its people. Today, while various industries are going through major transformations, it has become all the more important to provide top notch HR services in the traditional form blended with new age capabilities that are emerging now. Keeping with the rapidly shifting requirements of the customers is Maatrom Solution a dedicated Human Resource service provider which emphasizes on providing customers efficient, timely and qualitative ‘End-to-End’ HR services through its highly qualified team of professionals.

Speaking about the inception story of the firm, Mahalakshmi M, Founder, Maatrom Solution shares, “After working as an environmental engineer for few years after engineering, I then pursued an MBA with a dream of becoming an entrepreneur to serve the society and help shape the careers of several other individuals. However, after my marriage, I joined my spouse who was on an overseas work assignment and also had the opportunity to work for few years in multicultural environments in different cities in USA (including Minneapolis, Detroit & Atlanta). This gave me the exposure and confidence to work with people from diverse backgrounds and different industries. Based on concepts and knowledge developed from insights gathered over two decades of domestic and overseas experience and the
support from my family, I took the initiative to start 'Maatrom Solution' in 2015 giving wings to my dream, thereby, providing a platform for young individuals to learn, grow and innovate through Maatrom and become successful HR professionals with positive attitude, helping to shape today’s workforce.

Today, business orientation and tactical skills along with strategic vision and the ability to handle complexity are the most difficult skills to find among executives and companies are struggling to employ those with the seemingly rare ability to guide them through a volatile and competitive external environment. Maatrom Solution is playing a key role in bridging the gap between emerging industry needs and workforce capabilities. “We as HR consultant bring our global experience with our clients, partner with them to enrich their business and we become their trusted HR partner. We offer our clients Less Turnaround time, Quality service, Replacement guarantee, Experts in matching client needs, Optimizing cost, Mutually Beneficial Relationship, Customer Satisfaction. We have experts in HR statutory who are well versed with HR compliances and have more than 20 years of experience, who also take care of our training needs. Our team of consultants brings a variety of experiences which allow us to tackle the challenges our clients face,” says Mahalakshmi.

Maatrom solution is playing a key role in bridging the gap between emerging industry needs and workforce capabilities

With the increased use of technology, today organizations that are able to position themselves as digital leaders will stand a better chance of attracting and retaining top candidates than competitors who lag behind. Hence, Maatrom Solution is also emphasizing on Multimedia engagement, emotional intelligence, and increased migration to the cloud. Sharing insights on the future roadmap, Mahalakshmi tells, “We are introducing new performance management models, new learning methods and new approached to recruit and train people. In the years to come, we are hoping to provide HR services for rest of the country, beyond the Southern States and eventually provide HR services globally. We are also exploring opportunities to partner with educational institutions to bridge the employability gap, making the younger generation aware of the workplace needs, train them in soft skills and gear them up for success.”