Life Unscripted: Diversifying the Application of Theatre in the Corporate Sector

The deep impact of theatre has influenced generations to have a point of view towards the happening of the society. The representation of important subjects through theatrics is nothing new to the world but with the growing urban infra¬structure, complexities have grown. There is a lot more competition from the ground level and much importance is given to individual perspective for self- interest. The meaning of unity and teamwork is somewhere lost in this space which needs to be revived accurately for employees to work in unity and understand the meaning of teamwork which they had never learned growing up.

We want to bring about a whole new experience in the employee engagement industry and stand out with the niche category services that we have at hand

This is where Life Unscripted from Bangalore comes into make a mark. The company is providing a very niche category of employee engagement services by various applications of theatre. It is making the management as well as the employees understand the deep meaning of teamwork and also addressing sensitive subjects that cause problems in a corporate infrastructure.

Life Unscripted is one of the very few companies that have the needed experience and expertise in this domain. “We work with every segment of people that are present in a corporate set-up right from the senior management to the employees. We want to bring about a whole new experience in the employee engagement industry and stand out with the niche category services that we have at hand”, says Nandini Rao, Founder, Life Unscripted.

Diverse Range of Offerings
Performances organized by the company create awareness about topics of HR & Organisational importance like Diversity & Inclusion, Sexual Harassment at workplace,
Gender, Company Values & Vision, Security & Compliance, Change. These interventions do not promise to be engaging, delightful experiences but sharply delivers deep impact. The company uses a mix of tools like Image theatre, Forum theatre, Complete the story, Playback theatre and sketches customised based on theme and organisational needs. Life Unscripted is associated with Yours Truly Theatre which has been doing non-stop theatre from past two decades through offering workshops and performance for sectors such as education, social, mental health and public at large.

Nandini Rao,Founder

Life Unscripted’s Learning & Development workshop programs are for Change management, Leadership Development, Manager Effective, Creativity & Innovation, Design Thinking, Communication & Presentation enhancement & Team. There are OD interventions for specific teams to move from a either difficult or mediocre team to best per-forming teams who are highly engaged, energised and empowered. “We are also committed to working with diverse individuals who bring their unique identities and work for passion. The highly qualified professionals include actors, directors, trainers, designers, writers, researchers, Professionals from the corporate world, retired officers, children, mothers, which makes our solutions well rounded with diverse perspectives”, says Nandini.

Looking at the Future
The company’s vision and goal has been to create space for global perspectives through its work. The biggest challenge for companies who are present in multiple global locations is to balance to local nuances, cultural complexities & personal identities with a common global vision, values & goals. “Our roadmap is to have an internationally diverse team which can address questions and gaps in regards to cross cultural dialogues through active Engagements with customers, employees & Stakeholders. We are excited that we have taken Indian Bangalore based Brand Internationally, we have opened a centre in Netherlands in 2020 and we plan to expand our business in Europe in next few years, while continue our excellent partnership with companies in India”, concludes Nandini.