Kriti Shroff Career Counselling: Complete Career Counseling with Empathy & Personal Care

Kriti Shroff, Founder & Career Coach

Kriti Shroff

Founder & Career Coach

The largely unorganized & career counseling-deficit education sector has proved to be a Pandora’s Box for the Indian economy. With over 35 percent graduates & post-graduates unemployed, and uneducated youth doing much better, serious mismatch between skill building and contemporary jobs is conspicuous. On that account, it is evident that only timely career guidance can help bridge this gap! More than a scientific way to get onto the right career track, career counseling empowers people to achieve success, happiness and peace of mind, while curbing disappointments, stress, worries and anxiety. Through proper guidance and a systematic execution plan, a ‘crackerjack’ career coach can not only save peoples’ time & money through proper guidance and execution plan, but also help them keep growing.

‘Empathy’and ‘personal touch’ are the quoins of Kriti Shroff Career Counselling(KSCC)that not only enables them to map students’ personality, interests and capabilities, but also chart out & integrate their aspirations, budgets and limitations to suggest career paths in accordance with their family ethos. The brainchild of corporate turned career coach Kriti Shroff, the Kanpur based counseling centre provides completely transparent end-to-end guidance for both Indian and overseas education. Leveraging her profound knowledge of the corporate
sector as well as academics, the UCLA & edumilestones certified green belt career counselor is able to translate and deliver experience & skill sets required for excelling in the corporate world.

Pathfinders Paving Profuse Career Paths
The career counseling industry in Indian is dominated by academicians. Being in rendezvous with only the teaching industry, they not only lack insights into the required industry skill sets, but also fail to render comprehensive guidance. Moreover, they are mostly focused on Indian education and fail to foresee the upcoming trends and job requirements. As such, KSCC comes as a silver lining, contending with all student pain points by providing solutions to all kinds of career confusions among students and professionals. Starting as early as grade aid, the centre proffers detailed stream selection, profile building, resume building, SOP format, and admission guidance for both national & overseas education. Furthermore, it handholds and guides students through summer workshops, internship and voluntary services for resume enhancement and prepares them for behavioural & college interviews.

Integrating robust processes with technology, KSCC implements standardized testing process based on internationally accepted frameworks like MBTI, Holland, and VARK

Integrating robust processes with technology, KSCC implements standardized testing process based on internationally accepted frameworks like MBTI, Holland, and VARK. Along with over 95 percent accuracy in career counseling stage, this amalgam presents students with a dashboard along with a lot of information & videos to facilitate them in making informed decision. A two-part comprehensive assessment on psychometrics and aptitude with over 200 and 30-50 questions respectively from different areas further ensure that they are industry ready. An extensive 30-40 page report highlights their logical, organizational, analytical and visualization skills, and suggests three-four career paths suitable for them.

Working closely with a host of leading institutions across the globe, KSCC is competent in assisting its students with end-to-end admission processes and applications. A continuously evolving new company, KSCC is growing at a rate of 150 percent growth YOY since the last two years. Moving head, the centre aims at creating awareness about career counseling especially in the neglectful UP region via various awareness related session across the region.