Kognitivus: Assuring Creative & Innovative Solutions to build an Organization Culture that leads to Growth & Sustainability!

 Siddhartha Dubey,    Founder & CEO

Siddhartha Dubey

Founder & CEO

Recognizing and developing the potential within a human being is a unique task. Contributing to this area is Kognitivus, which is on the mission to help companies create organizations culture, which is conducive for people to unleash their potential, creating a fulfilling work environment for them and at the same time creating organizations which are future ready and sustainable.

The company works on shaping organizations culture for growth and sustainability, along with transforming mindsets and behaviors of people towards achieving exceptional success. As Siddhartha Dubey, Founder and CEO, Kognitivus says, "We help build organizations’ culture leading to an environment which leads people in the organization to unleash their potential, thus creating an aligned and sustainable organization and more involved work force”. The consulting firm, with its unique and practical frameworks is set to create innovative solutions for organization and talent development. Their uniqueness comes from their approach towards problem solving which is immersive and has a context of human values and connections. Their solutions are Context Centric, Culture centric, People centric and based on key ideas of behavioral sciences, neuroscience, and ancient Indian science of human development.

The solution approach of Kognitivus focuses

on identifying organizational alignment by using its proprietary 5D model of Culture assessment which is powered by its Proprietary ECG framework (Excellence, Connections & Growth). The design thinking methodology is applied to create targeted solutions for clients’ problems thus yielding maximum impact. Within its ODS (Organizational Development Solutions), the company includes Creed Identification and creed alignment, Strategic Objectives design, Critical Leadership Competencies identification and Development, Organization Structure Design, Performance Management architecture and progression framework, Rewards and Recognition design, Cultural integration, Cultural alignment, Retention Strategy, Recruitment Strategy and other OD solutions.

“We believe that every human has the potential to do better in their field of work. We believe that people, when empowered with knowledge and are coached to develop the right skills, are enabled to move to their highest potential,” Siddhartha adds. Kognitivus also partners with its clients to institutionalize the solutions that are designed by the team, using the change management process along with measuring the success of the change management efforts.

Kognitivus’ approach to problem solving is deeply rooted in the fact that every problem is unique and needs varied solutions by applying different approaches. To quote, Varoon Rajani, the CEO of BlazeClan, who is one out of many Kognitivus’s clients said that “Kognitivus did a great job from strategic thinking perspective to using indepth knowledge of methodologies and development practices to identify our challenge and propose targeted solutions. We immediately have been able to apply the insights, methods & techniques for our organization’s development.” While another client, Mahendra Yadav the then CEO of Tavisca says “Kognitivus’ team was highly professional in their approach and engagement and the initial few weeks they had spent to study our organizations culture yielded many powerful insights which we were oblivious to. They ensured that we stick through the program even with scheduling challenges. We ended up renewing our contract with another batch of leadership development and certain further long term organizational design activities.”

The spirited team at Kognitivus offers a combination of an “asset based approach” and “flexibility” and customizes its offerings to provide unmatched solutions. “We want to bring a culture assessment platform which has utilization globally to ensure that the organizations and their cultural alignment are being monitored on the ongoing basis. We are also planning to create a technology platform with our well researched and tested ECG framework which we are sure our clients would adopt and learn with time,” Siddhartha concludes.