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Anil Kumar,Founder & CEO

Anil Kumar

Founder & CEO

Any business leader worth his salt will swear by the importance of hiring the right workforce; after all, it is the people who make a successful business and not the other way round. Therefore, the importance of bringing the right resources on board cannot be overlooked. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done and acquiring the best suited individuals for a role is often a herculean feat. With various external factors such as skills, attributes and availability coming into play, zeroing in on the right talent can often be as tough as finding a needle in a haystack. Skillfully bridging the resource gap in organizations is JOBWORLD, an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Recruitment and Outsourcing Company headquartered in Bangalore. Working with the motto of finding extraordinary talents for businesses, the company aids startups, SMEs and large corporates succeed in the marketplace by providing them with professional talent with the skills and expertise the business requires to thrive. Possessing expertise in permanent hiring, contractual hiring, international recruitment and Recruitment Process Outsourcing/Vendor on Premises (RPO/VoP), JOBWORLD helps clients find & hire top talent, build teams & leaders, manage change, influence productivity and ultimately drive sales.

Driving JOBWORLD is Anil Kumar, Founder & CEO and a highly perceptive business leader. Also committed to help professionals craft lasting and fulfilling career trajectories, Anil conceived JOBWORLD as a highly differentiated recruitment platform at the turn of the millennium to serve the rapidly emerging Indian technology industry. Founded in 2002, the company has since worked with more than 200 IT companies and has successfully placed over 10,000 IT professional in the IT industry. Keen about creation and implementation of new business models in the recruitment industry, Anil has brought together the synergy of around 100 professional recruiters, over 1 million software professional database, vertical expertise and geographical reach to ensure strong recruitment and staffing expertise. With branches in Bengaluru, Chennai, Kochi & US, JOBWORLD is taking the recruitment industry by storm.

Fueling the IT Engine with Right Talent
Information Technology(IT) as an industry has vast scope in today’s times and several big corporates operate with ease only because of excellent IT services rendered by its professional employees. Irrespective of the industry segment, IT professionals deal with numerous amounts of data & information which comes as a result of operating the business with an enormous target audience. Such business organizations require professionals and experts who can manage and update this information for the benefit of the company. However, in today’s highly dynamic business world, organizations struggle to hire the right resources at the right time. The market is starved for bespoke recruitment services that will get people with the right motivation, attitude, behaviors and cultural fit while also ensuring a short turnaround time.

Armed with a unique proprietary recruitment model embedding its specialized talent management expertise into a rigorous recruitment process, JOBWORLD connects organizations with the right talent and brings them on board within the stipulated time. Through its permanent recruitment division, JOBWORLD helps small to medium enterprises and multinationals fill their vacancies with the best talent to help drive business growth.

Up-keeping the quality, quantity and pace of recruitment, the JOBWORLD team knows where to find the right pool of talent to meet its client requirements. With years of experience in recruiting people for various segments of business, the company filters candidates on the basis of client’s requirements and then the most suitable ones are forwarded to the company for consideration. Capable of conducting widespread search JOBWORLD has over one million resumes of candidates with various skills and technologies. The firm’s core dedicated recruitment team, work on this database to find out passive candidates with a short notice period, hence, there is a greater chance of getting the best skilled talent onboard. JOBWORLD’s major strength is its ever increasing vast database, which contains over one million resumes that include very niche/ Short Notice Period candidates. A core team of around 100 recruiters work in the backend to find out candidates with niche skills and who are available to join immediately. The firm also ensures that clients do not need to spend long tedious hours short listing and filtering resumes of all candidates. Through its effective staffing solution JOBWORLD saves client’s time by zeroing in on the best candidates that fully justify the requirements and conditions.

Also offering clients flexible staffing options, JOBWORLD renders them access to talent and lets them adjust their workforce based on the cyclical needs of their business. “We
offercontract, contract to hire and direct placement options to quickly increase and decrease your workforce,” informs Anil. The company’s contract staffing services enable companies to fill short term needs for qualified employees to support upcoming projects, meet seasonal requirements and reduce workforce during slow periods. JOBWORLD’s contract to hire staffing services allow companies the option of observing the employee on the job to determine if he/she is the right fit for the position.

JOBWORLD connects organizations with the right talent and brings them onboard within the stipulated time

Ensuring Company's & Candidate's Best Interests
Understanding a client’s requirements forms the primary step of JOBWORLD’s recruitment services. The company indulges in a deep conversation to identify what an organization is looking for and the challenge it is facing. Rather than focusing on ‘filling a vacancy’, the company identifies people who will become motivated and engaged employees; thus zeroing in on high performers for long term benefit to client organizations. “Our work begins right at the bottom, when we receive a requirement from a customer, post which we acquire the right candidate for the client. Not just stopping at that, we also follow up to ensure that the client is happy with the newly acquired candidate,” explains Anil. After a cooling period of three-four months, the company reviews the candidate’s performance with the customer. In situations where the candidate’s performance has been lacking, the JOBWORLD team initiates a dialogue with them to drive their performance up.

Looking at the flip side of the situation, JOBWORLD works with professionals looking for a job who are stuck with the wrong consultant. “We understand that a consultant plays a crucial role in creating a good career trajectory for an individual. A consultant’s job is to help the organization and the candidate, they nurture the needs of both,” says Anil.

Being a recruiter is not simply about acquiring the qualifications and experience for the right job. In order to offer best possible candidates to client and offer the best suitable role to candidates, recruiters must cultivate strong relationships. Interacting with potential candidates face to face in a meeting is the best way of carrying out this objective and JOBWORLD’S recruiters communicate and develop relationships with candidates that would help in evaluating the candidate’s personality.

Recruiters at JOBWORLD relentlessly search for the ideal candidates and use innumerable platforms to find them. The team also follows up with organizations and candidates through follow up calls, updating the candidates, returning emails etc. an accomplished recruiter must also be a good listener in order to pay attention to the needs of candidate and organization; the golden rule is to ‘listen first, then talk’. “We understand that there is always an underlying reason to a professional looking for a job change. It is thus important for us to identify what is it that they are looking for; it empowers us to find them the right opportunities,” adds Anil.

A good recruiter acts as an advisor for the client; if the consultant doesn’t speak his mind then he will never be able to interact freely and cater to the needs of an organization. As experienced recruiters, JOBWORLD’s team always guides and informs the organization about the laws and regulations applicable in the process of recruiting. The cherry on top is the pleasant and amicable demeanor or JOBWORLD’s recruiters who carry a comfortable conversation with the client and candidates.

In order to galvanize their output, JOBWORLD has put in place an in-house recruiting software and applicant tracking systems(ATS) that improves applicant tracking and helps avoid any duplicity. In keeping with the technical and digital transition that the recruitment industry has undergone, the firm also employs disruptive digital technologies such as social media, artificial intelligence and the cloud to amplify its success rate.

Leading From the Front
The engine of this fast rolling ship, Anil has been instrumental in shaping JOBWORLD’s recruitment strategy and aligning it with the future business landscape. It is fair to say that the team of any organization plays a pivotal role in the achievements of its company and Anil’s team consists of engineers and management graduates who have been working with him since several years. He has worked towards establishing and strengthening relationships with various technology partners and has helped the organization receive multiple rewards for consistent performance in the Enterprise Products space. An energetic and enthusiastic leader, Anil’s traits are reflected in his team as well. Illustrating Anil’s effective business strategies is the fact that JOBWORLD has never had a sales and marketing team in place. The firm’s consistent growth has been achieved through word of mouth and the company’s superlative work results.

Replicating such success stories with a majority of its clients, the ambitious firm builds lasting relationships with recruiters. Having grown 120 percent YoY in the last financial year, JOBWORLD is working towards expanding its presence in the US along with plans to increase its headcount to 150 in the months to come. “Recruitment is always challenging but when we have a clear vision and dedication, we can reach our goal. When others are finding difficulties then we will take it as an opportunity,” concludes Anil.

Key Management:
Anil Kumar, Founder & CEO
Anil Kumar holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from Poona Institute of Management Science & Entrepreneurship. Armed with 20 years of experience in the human resource services, he has been driving recruitment strategies at JOBWORLD since 2002.

Offerings:Permanent Staffing, Contractual Staffing, Payroll Management, Recruitment Process Outsourcing/Vendor on Premises(RPO/VoP)

Offices:Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Chicago(US)